Philatelic register used stamps cover

Yesterday I wrote blog post were philatelic register used stamp cover was sold for only $5 which has three 1948 India Gandhi stamps. 

Following are two Philatelic used stamps cover for comparison. 

You cna guess for which philatelic cover you will pay $5 or $153!!? (if you have not read my previous blog post).

In today's blog post I am writing about philatelic used cover (not register) with just single 1948 India Gandhi stamps which was sold for $153 by "asdaasdaasda" from China.

Not sure why it was sold for this high value even though it's just philatelic register used stamps cover.!!

To me it looks only difference is seller "asdaasdaasda" is from China and buyer is "d***i (364)".

We all know "d***i(364)" in past had not paid to seller.!!

Don't you think something is WRONG in going in Gandhi stamps collection ?

It's lot of money for eBay shareholder from eBay/PayPal fees if buyer has paid to seller.

Yes if buyer has paid.!!

What I have seen in Gandhi Stamp Collection as well as other thematic collection, some collector/dealers increase price and don't pay to seller in order to glorify stamp collection so others will think that's the real value.!!

Or some seller use Shill Bidding (with different eBay id) to increase price.

In past I bought some mint stamps from "asdaasdaasda" and to me it looks suspicious because I paid high price for mint stamps as I don't know all the tricks of trade on eBay!! This is my personal review like we give it on Yelp or TripAdvisor.!! (You don't have to believe it same way like you don't trust other reviews).

Do you think seller paid for this item and eBay shareholder (like me) are benefited from this kind of transaction ?

But you all know that in past you saw very HIGH PRICED Philatelic cover - Used stamp cover value - Gandhi Commercial used cover were SOLD.

Don't you think it's nothing but Glorification by SHILL Bidding or Not Paying to seller ?



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