India 25 RS stamp - 1902 King Edward stamp - KEVII 25 R stamp - India SG 147 SC 76 stamps

Recently I saw Facsimile or Replica or Copy or Forgery of India 25 RS stamp of King Edward  - KEVII 25 R stamp - India SG 147  or SC 76 stamp issued in 1902.

If seller don't mentioned it you will not even notice because there are very RARE mint stamp exist because 25 Rupees was lot of money in 1902.

So collector cannot afford it in 1902 as Mint stamp unless you are King of England or some Royal connection.

So what are chances of this Replica stamp selling as Mint or used stamp with forged rubber stamp?

I think REPLICA is way to go to make lot of money.!! Buy for $7 and sell for $2000 or $1750 or $800 or $200 buy using fake rubber stamp.!

But when you look at  eBay you see this British India stamp of King Edward selling in large quantity and I was surprised how this many stamps are available.

After going through all the images and going back my blog post I think some of them are not genuine stamps but it's FACSIMILE stamps which are nothing but forgery stamps of India 25 RS stamp issued in 1902 of King Edward stamp.

This King Edward KEVII 25 R stamp  is  SG 147 stamp in Stanley Gibbons and SC 76 in Scott Catalog.

It will be very hard to find mint stamp of India 1902 King Edward stamp - KEVII 25 Rupees  because it was lot of money in 1902. 

99.99% of stamp collectors during that time cannot even seen that much money together.!! Also 99% King Edward collectors might not even seen GENUINE stamp in their life time because all you see is FORGERY in auction houses.

But this is good for eBay shareholders as they will get good commission on this sale from eBay/PayPal fees ($700-800 for following 9 transaction) if this are all genuine transaction.!! 

But you can't believe this pricing as chances of Shill Bidding, Fake Bidding, Buyer don't pay to seller, Seller and Buyer open case to cancel purchases etc.

In past I wrote about all kind of FORGERY, BOGUS in India 25 RS stamp - 1902 King Edward stamp - KEVII 25 R stamp - India SG 147 SC 76 stamps.

Click to read it.

Following are some of the sold stamps on eBay in last 3-4 months. Now think how many might be sold in last 5 years.!!! (more than 300.!!).

Seller                                   Price Sold 

Anjulin                                   $2000
pristinephilateic                      $1750
s_faria                                      $800(appr)
bygonesofbridlingt                  $618
worldstamp22                          $504
collstamps                                $498
filer3rd                                     $435
beattle123                                $295
bcsomani                                  $175

So what do you think about this India 25 RS stamp isueed in 1902 of King Edward stamp - KEVII 25 R stamp - India SG 147 stamps ?

If you want to buy REPLICA or FACSIMILE from "ma-collectorshop" then click following link and you will find lot of RARE stamps. Why buy it have high price just buy it directly from him/her and apply any forged rubber stamp.!!


Do you think all are GENUINE stamps ?


Do you think Replica is used to create used stamp with forged rubber stamp.?

It's your choice to think.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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