Jal Cooper - Overprint stamp - How he was selling India's First Governor General stamp ?


Recently I revisited my previous blog post about letter of Jal Cooper (famous philatelist and dealer) selling 1948 Gandhi SERVICE stamp.!!

We know that 1948 Gandhi stamp was 4th stamp issued by India in 1948 in set of four.

But there were very few printed  with overprint SERVICEon it specially for Governor General of India.

 (we have read only in philatelic handbooks, magazine, yearbooks, exhibit as we don't know exactly what happen during that time)

Not sure who printed this overprint as I read on some stamp exhibit that even Indian Postal Department were opposed to printing overprint SERVICE on stamps as per philatelic evidence.

You cannot rely on philatelic evidence such as Handbooks or pamplets or philatelic yearbook or stamp exhibit or even catalog because everyone wants money.!!

Chances are that Indian Postal Department might be not aware of this SERVICE overprint stamp.!! (all underground activity, and no one cares.!!)

I don't believe this oveprint SERVICE stamps are real. It's an interesting story and I certainly respect people who believe these are literally true, but I don't. I see no evidence for this SERVICE overprint stamp.

Above 10 Rupees Overprint stamp was sold for $200000.!!

Can't believe it how to turn a piece of paper with overprint in to $200000, What a brilliant idea.

In past I wrote blog post about this India 1948 OVERPRINT Gandhi SERVICE stamps.

Click to read and than decide what's going on with your collection.!!

Overprint stamps - 1948 Gandhi SERVICE stamp selling are BOGUS ?

Governor General was thinking he was KING ?

Most Expensive stamp of India as well as world ?

Governor General was not using GANDHI SERVICE stamp.!!

Why not first stamp of India had OVERPRINT SERVICE on it.?

Most Valuable stamps - R U Kidding.!!

India First Stamp after Independence Flag with SERVICE stamp

My personal opinion is that Governor might even don't know about this OVERPRINT Gandhi SERVICE stamp.!!

But some how Jal Cooper was selling this stamp and making huge money at that time.!!

Not sure how Jal Cooper was selling government property.

Not sure how Jal Cooper got hold of this stamps as per philatelic evidence (which is full of lies/incorrect info) it was very limited quantity printed and NOT FOR SALE TO GENERAL PUBLIC OR POST OFFICE.!!

It was only for Governor General of India usage.!!

Did Jal Cooper have any license to sell ?


THINK THINK!! what happen and you will never want this stamp in your collection!!

As we know (or we have read fantasy story about it) Gandhi SERVICE stamp was printed specially for Governor General of India for administrative purpose.

We all are stamp collector and we always get unique idea to create some rare philatelic cover to make it unique and rare.!!

So this might be someone idea to create unique and rare stamp.!!!

So whose idea was this to create Overprint stamp of Gandhi ?

Did someone overprint it instead of Indian Postal department or Swiss printer Courvoisier who printed this 1948 Gandhi stamps. ?

So how someone  got this stamps ?

Did someone got it from Governor General office?

Did someone stole it from Governor General PO ?

Did someone bribe it ?

Did someone created it (printed) it?

It's up to you to decide.

My personal opinion is that there was no official overprint SERVICE stamp of Gandhi. 

It's nothing but fantasy story which is glorified by stamp collectors, Philatelic Handbooks, stamp magazine, blogs, website, auctioneer etc.

Some investor think this as a stamp INVESTMENT !!

I consider a piece of paper.!!

This is how everyone makes money.!!

To me this proves that GANDHI SERVICE Stamp is nothing but BOGUS.!!

Jal cooper was making lot of money in 1949 by just selling SERVICE overprint stamp.

Rupees 15 per copy or block of four for 50 rupees.!!

Look at the profit Jal Cooper got by selling this stamp. 1 1/2 anna ( 10 paise) which is 1/10 of the rupee and got 15 rupees in a year.!!

If this much money was made I will also forged this stamp and start selling in 1949.!!

In 1948 gold price was 95 rupees for 10 gms.!!

Even magazine cutout  & letter was sold for $400 by eBay seller "rohit98103"

Did eBay got it's commission $40 from this sell ? Because in past I saw buyers were not paying to seller  or it was just shill bidding.!!

Did someone created this Forgery of Jal Cooper letter ?

To make fantasy story more interesting there were covers made with stamps.

Even Jal Cooper was honored on stamp.!!

Following are some of the FORGERY cover or piece of paper made with stamps by applying FORGERY OR BOGUS rubber stamp of Governor General.


It's a fantasy story about a Gandhi SERVICE stamp and we all think it's REAL like all princess story.!!

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