Used Stamp Cover or Philatelic Cover : Do they have any value ?

In my previous blog post I wrote about collectors/dealers selling  Gandhi SERVICE stamp and this blog post will prove it. (Click this link to read it)

Following is USED stamp Register Cover or philatelic cover from Governor of General without overprint SERVICE on Gandhi stamp.

So as per my previous blog post Gandhi SERVICE stamp(overprint) was available through dealer but not for actual usage by Governor General which it was overprinted for.!!

Don't you think it's some what fishy happens in 1948 or 1949 and we all are circling around that. Even some philatelic/stamp  yearbooks or handbooks or exhibitors had made lot of enrichment or fame by publishing this knowingly or unknowingly.

What I learn in 4+ years of stamp collecting hobby is that you have to believe in yourself. Don't need to look others or listen to other collectors.

Do you think publisher (whether it's book, blog, website, stamp forums, stamp boards, groups etc ) and stamp exhibitor are collaborating  or working with each other for maximum gain.!! 

But this used stamp cover  or philatelic cover might PROVES (or we can start thinking) that there were no official stamp issued in 1948 for Governor General.!! 

All that overprint stamps (SERVICE or SPECIMEN) is nothing but someone's imagination to make money out of it.!! 

Now what are the chances of this used stamp cover or philatelic cover is FORGERY ? (It's just rubber stamp to apply on any old cover)

In past we had seen lot of forgery of Governor General CAMP PO and other Gandhi stamps as well as all kinds of different British India stamps.

So after seen above image and reading blog post what are chances of this as FORGERY cover ?

Want still more material to research than compare following two Used stamp cover or Philatelic cover.

Compare following

1) Registration label #  ( 186 was send in January were as 181 was send in August).
2) Registration label PO (name missing on one of them).

Was there any procedure or schema for numbering or naming the label ?

Want to know more about other used stamp cover or philatelic cover then click following link.

We don't know what happen in 60+ years ago.!!

This cover was sold for $5045.!! 

Do you really believe this was actually sold and all commission to eBay and Paypal were paid.?

In Gandhi Stamp collection collectors/dealers try to increase price and don't pay to seller.!! 

Read following blog post were buyer don't pay to seller!! A great loss for eBay shareholders.!!

So after reading above two blog post what do you think ? 

Did eBay got commission from this sale.?

Did PayPal got commission from this sale ?

What are chances that buyer "d***i(362)" did not paid to seller and seller open case with eBay and did not have to pay all commission ?

This is standard practice (not paying to seller) for all expensive or currently famous stamps and philatelic material and seller has lot of trouble selling again , opening case with eBay etc. 

A great loss for eBay shareholder if they are cheated by buyer as they are making use of eBay infrastructure and not paying it. (Disclosure : I currently hold eBay stocks).

Please read following series of my blog post  to understand what is going on stamp collecting world specially in Indian Philatelic material with 1948 Gandhi stamps.

1) 1948 Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material are False hope of Riches?
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6) Indian Philately Exposed 
7) Indian Philately Exposed - Part II

In past I wrote anything related to India 1948 Gandhi stamps is fraud.

Yes Gandhi stamps are forgery. (replica stamps or facsimile stamps)

Yes Gandhi FDC are forgery (forged rubber stamp)

Yes used covers are forgery (forged rubber stamp)

Yes Leather folder are FAKE. (BOGUS)

Yes Coursovier folder are FAKE. (BOGUS).

You will be thinking is there any thing GENUINE.!!

I think that one you have to decide, because it's your money and everyone needs it.!!

BUT I will add one more in to this.



Gandhi Stamps Club.

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  1. Wow, this is the first time I have known about Gandhi service stamps being fake and Governor general camp PO is not a true stamp also. I have checked out one of my favorite stamp sites StampWorld.com and in India http://www.stampworld.com/stamps/India/, I can see a lot of Gandhi’s stamps of the same images. This post of yours serves as a warning for those who would like to buy stamps online and are interested in buying Gandhi stamps on ebay.



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