Scinde Dawk - Postal History - First postage stamp of Asia ?

Recently on eBay SCINDE DAWK first stamp of Asia (embossed)  issued in 1852 was sold for $1450 & $1440 by eBay seller "anjulin".

Not sure whether we can consider this embossed as postage stamp or postal history!!

Not sure whether we can consider this officially issued by government and all money went to government treasure. ?

I am seeing lot of SCINDE DAWK available on eBay even after 165+ years  even though stamps were not popular are even heard at that time.

Don't you think postal history should be very limited  considering 165+ years.?

God know what happen in 165+ years ago as there are chances of BOGUS (never exist) thing happened in this stamp also like other stamp which we see today such as 1911 first aerial mail from Allahabad or Rocket mail cover from India etc

What are chances of this is not a postal history, but just glorified by some handbooks or publication when stamp become popular in early 1900.!!

We know how INCORRECT or WRONG information is available for Gandhi stamps in various Handbooks, Year Books, Philatelic journal, blogs, website etc even after only 70+ years so what are chances of incorrect information about this SCINDE DAWK which is 165+ years old.

All philatelic stamp handbooks and other liteature is to HELP to sell this FAKE, BOGUS and forgery material at expensive price.!!


Also hard to find any reference material at that time in that part of the world.!!!

But what are chances someone glorified this Scinde Dawk - First postage stamp of Asia by forgery and we still believe that this is indeed Scinde Dawk - First postage stamp of Asia .

I think chances are very high because no one knew what was stamp at that time.!!

It will be very hard to tell whether this is genuine or forgery but my personal opinion after seeing all things in stamp collection I think chances of forgery is very high.

I am not expert so I cannot say 100% it's forgery or genuine,

In past I wrote blog post about this stamp so please read it and understand about all kinds of possibilities in stamp collection world.

On September 1st this Scinde Dawk - First postage stamp of Asia was sold for $1450 by seller "anjulin". 

Looks like only one bidder was on this auction this means no one is interested.!!

I am not expert so I cannot say this is genuine stamp or this is a forgery. It's upto buyer to decide. This is my personal opinion (FREE) which can think about it when buying it.  You can take STAMP EXPERT CERTIFICATE for this stamp if you are really interested.

But stamp expert will also look in to that INCORRECT information from Handbooks or Year Book which might have WRONG information in that.!!

So it will be very hard to find actual information and you have to believe that this is indeed genuine.!!

But tell you the truth that no one is interested because STAMP COLLECTION is declining. It's just glorification you see from old collectors who wants to get rid of their own creation (not collection).!!

It's lot of money for eBay as they will get almost $300 from eBay commission as well as $75 from PayPal commission from eBay seller "anjulin"

Do you really think eBay shareholder (Disclosure : - I own eBay stocks) are getting benefit from stamp sellers ?

I don't think eBay stock holder are getting benefit of this, but actually there are chances of they getting cheated.

It will be very hard to know because there are chances that buyer did not paid to seller after FAKE bidding or seller and buyer mutually withdraw bid.

On August 22nd,  this Scinde Dawk - First postage stamp of Asia was sold for $1440 by seller "anjulin"

This stamp are still available from eBay seller "gsphila" from India and "sprabha05" from Singapore for $1300 and $575.!!

Following are forgeries available for SCINDE DAWK from eBay seller alphomeagaphilately2 and ashokmehta1955 in wide range and varieties.

So what are chances of above two stamp sold are forgery also ?

Might be little bit upgraded quality of forgery.!!

Chances are very high because NO ONE knows what happen in 1852 and we might be following BOGUS stamp which we consider as Scinde Dawk - First postage stamp of Asia.

So after looking all of th e above what do you think about this SCINDE DAWK stamp?

what are chances of forgery selling as genuine of this SCINDE DAWK stamp ?


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