Stamp Exhibition cover - Philatelic Exhibition Special Cover - AVOID at all cost.!!

We know stamp collection is nothing but to make money. All that hobby thing is just to tell new collectors and get their money.

According to me all this stamp exhibition cover or philatelic exhibition special cover is nothing but to make money from new stamp collector.

If you see there are more than 200 -300 special cover are coming from India alone during stamp exhibition.

And most of them are on some famous thematic such as Gandhi .!!

Also this will make up to Philatelic Yearbook, Stamp Handbook, Award winning stamp exhibit etc in order to glorify this Stamp Exhibition cover - Philatelic Exhibition Special Cover

It's nothing about spreading the message, but to make Money.!!

It's also same thing for exhibiting or giving a speech about Gandhi's life, but no Gandhi Collector has strength to follow his message about "Truth is God".

No one in Gandhi exhibiting is telling truth about their own collection about Bogus or forgery.!!

Even though it's nothing related to Gandhi a new stamp exhibition or philatelic exhibition special cover will be issued.

Some of them might be BOGUS (which might not even officially issued by Post and Telegraph department).

Look at the following Stamp Exhibition - Philatelic Exhibition Special Cover  and think about profit all this collectors turn into dealers are making which are worthless special cover.

Don't collect special cover as it has no value in stamp exhibition even though it's issued during stamp exhibition.!!

AVOID it all cost.!!

So think about this Special Cover which are nothing but to make money.!!

Look at the following 100+ covers available on eBay.!!

Not sure how many of them are Genuine and how many of them are FAKE or BOGUS.

I think you can Do It Yourself too!!

Just print cover, make rubber stamp and affix stamp on it and start making money.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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