Bermuda stamps - KG stamps - K G V stamp - Stamp Catalog value

Recently I saw Bermuda stamps - KG stamps - G.V stamp which was not sold even below stamp catalog value.

Following is Bermuda stamps issued in 1924 with value of 10 shillings. In 1924 ten shillings was lot of money and it will be very hard to keep this stamp as mint stamp, because no one wants to invest this except you are a King of England or some royal who is collecting stamps.

But after world war 1 and  world war 2 and all kind of other issues in world for last 90 years do you think a normal collector will have this kind of expensive stamps in their possession.!!

And that's why you will see this kind of high value stamps ( 10 Rupees Gandhi stamps or 25 Rupees King Edwards stamps or King George stamps) available as Replica or Facsimile or copy, because no one has mint stamps or even used stamps in possession.

This Bermuda stamps - KG stamps - G.V stamp, stamp catalog value is 750 GBP but was not sold for 175 GBP.

There are lot of forgery stamps selling as genuine. It's a big market. One seller was trying to sell Gandhi Service stamp with forged expertization certificate for $225,000.!!

Yes trying to sell forged stamp  for Two hundered Twenty five thousand dollar.!! Click following link to read about that forgery stamps.

It's a very big business to sell Replica stamps or Facsimile stamps as GENUINE stamps because lot of profit is involved.

It's not only replica stamps of Bermuda stamps - KG stamps - G.V stamp, but all kind of British India stamps, Gandhi SERVICE stamps, China stamps, Australia stamps etc are available and eBay seller are trying to sell this forgery as Genuine stamps.

Before reading this research, please read my following blog post to understand what is actually going in Stamp Collection. All blog post are related to Forgery stamps or Replica stamps of King Edward stamp, King George stamps etc.





 Let me make sure that I am not expert and I don't claim that following forgery stamps. It's up to you to decide as you have to pay money.!!

Reason for thinking this as a forgery stamp because it's very easy to print this kind of stamp and no one will recongised that it's forgery.!!

We had seen lot of forgery stamp of King George stamps, King Edward stamps, Queen Victoria stamps from British India, Bermuda and all other place were British ruled.

Following are some of the example of Forgery stamps from Bermuda stamps of KG stamps or G.V stamp which are sold as replica or facsimile stamps for $3.!!!

Now if seller don't mentioned this and offer it for $100 or $175 and if you don't know you will be CHEATED.!!

1919 First Aerial post replica stamps is also available and ofcourse CHINA stamp is also available of under $2-3.!!

So what do you think about this Bermuda stamps - KG stamps - G.V stamp ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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