Cyprus stamps - King George V stamps - KG V stamps

Recently I saw King George V Cyprus stamps (KGV stamps) and I was surprised by price difference.

One stamp was selling for $12 and other for $6000 for same Cyprus stamps of King George V (KG V stamps)

Can you tell looking following pictures, which one is genuine and which one is FAKE.

Only thing is one is REPLICA (forgery) and other is genuine (as per seller).

So what happens if replica Cyprus stamps of King George V  (KG V stamps) is sold as genuine.?

You are screwed!! and you will not know how to cry also.!!

Because there were not sophisticated printers in 1920's, it's very easy to print in this modern world with all kind of high resolution digital scanner and print it on regular high quality printer.!!

Now think what will happen if this is made used with forged rubber stamp as sold as USED Cyprus stamps of King George V  (KG V stamps).!!

Again you are screwed, because it will be very hard to figured out whether it is genuinely used or just forgery   Cyprus stamps of King George V  (KG V stamps).!!

There are lot of other ways to cheat collectors.!!

1) Shill Bidding.
2) Selling from different countries by opening account on eBay.!!
2) Buyer don't pay to seller by increasing price. Read following link to see other cheating activity.


Also forgery philatelic material

1) Forged rubber stamp ( e.g Governor General cancellation used on Gandhi SERVICE stamp)
2) Forged stamp on philatelic material with forged rubber stamp.
3) Bogus special cancellation (Germany 2009 cancellation from Winnenden, Germany)
4) Forged stamps (facsimile, replica) used on philatelic material.

To know more about this kind of activity read my following blog post and think what are the possibilities in postal history of cheating, glorification, SHILL bidding, FAKE, Forgery etc.

1) 1948 India Stamps False hope of Riches?
2) 1948 India Gandhi Stamps: Are False hope of Riches - Part II ?
3) 1948 India Gandhi Mourning Private FDC : Are False hope of Riches - Part III?
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5) 1948 Gandhi Stamps Early Usage cover :  Gandhi Stamps Are False hope of Riches - Part V?
6) Maxi Card sold for $5100 with 1948 India Gandhi Stamps - False hope of Riches - Part VI?
7) Indian Philately Exposed 
8) Indian Philately Exposed - Part II
9) Gandhi SERVICE India stamps overprint stamp price fell from $1009 to $1.!!
10) How can you tell that Gandhi SERVICE stamp is FAKE or Forgery ?

I hope all of the above will help you to make decision in investing stamps and to avoid getting CHEATED.!!

After reading above blog post what do you think about stamp collection and forgery.

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