Churchill stamps - Einstein Stamps - WHAT ARE MY STAMPS WORTH ?

Hello stamps collectors,

Everyone is curious what's their worth is, but it's more when people are collecting because they put lot of time and effort to collect them as hobby.

But recently worth of all hobbies such as stamps, coins, cards is going down or even some of them are worthless to invest.

You will be shocked when you see pricing trends of stamp collection. Recently Churchill stamps, Einstein stamps, Shakespeare stamps and Gandhi stamps on First Day cover from Gibraltar issued in 1998  was sold under $4.

Now if you see following images you will surprised that there are not even that much enthusiasm in buying 1998 Gibraltar first day cover with four world famous people Mahatma Gandhi stamps, Churchill stamp, Einstein stamp and Shakespeare stamp  on that Word of Wisdom cover. 

I think reason for this very low stamp value is because

1) There are lot of other things to do in this modern technology world than to collect stamps.
2) There are lot of forgeries in stamp collection
3) Shill bidding is way to increase price and fool new collector.

Now you need to decide what to do if you are new collector. Whether to start collecting Einstein stamps or Churchill stamps and get regret about collecting or if you are existing collector than forget about "what are my stamps worth" and just don't think about it, because it's worthless.!!

You will not able to justify your time in selling this stamps because it's not worth your time.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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