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Hello Gandhi stamp collector,

Recently I saw a USED stamps of Gandhi from Panama which were for auction for $115 , $71 and $25.!! I was surprised when I saw this used stamps value.

I don't think this PIECE OF PAPER is worth that much. It's nothing but glorified by keeping price high or shill bidding or not paying to seller after bidding high price.

Also claiming rare stamp or error stamp is nothing but imagination of their own.!!

In past I had seen MINT stamp selling for less than this price.!!! In Feb 2013 Mint stamp was sold for $22.!!  To me this $22 is also too much for this mint stamp as there are chances of SHILL bidding or Forgery stamps.!!

Following are details of USED stamps of Gandhi from Panama currently selling on eBay by some well known Gandhi stamps seller/dealers.

Sellers ------- Price
kad_ss ------- $71
ashindian -----$115
gdstamps -----$25 

Who in the world will pay this much price.!! Don't you think it's just glorification of Gandhi stamp even though he is one of the famous people in philately world.!! 

So what do you think about this Used stamp from Panama.

How much you will pay for this USED stamp ?

Someone paid $27 for used panama stamps.

Don't you think selling price is kept higher in order to glorify.?

Read my following blog post about Panama stamps.


After reading all the above I think you will agree with me about pricing of this stamps.

I will not pay more than $3-5  for any used stamps of Gandhi from Panama because it's available in plenty.!! Also it is not rare or very old stamps or very rare stamps so it should not be priced collection.

Also FORGERY of stamps specially in used stamp collection is very high because collector will not think that it's forged, so beware of it. It just required a rubber stamp to make it used stamp from forgery stamp.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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