Rare stamps - Expensive stamps - 1909 stamps - 25 Rupees rp stamps - 25 rs stamp - ROUND-TRIPPING IN GANDHI STAMPS COLLECTION ?

Round-tripping, also known as round-trip transactions or "Lazy Susans", is defined by The Wall Street Journal, as a form of barter that involves a company selling "an unused asset to another company while at the same time agreeing to buy back the same or similar assets at about the same price." 

Round trips are characteristic of the New Economy companies. They played a crucial part in temporarily inflating the market capitalization of energy traders such as Enron, CMS Energy, Reliant Energy, and Dynegy. (From wikipedia)

Do you think ROUND-TRIPPING is happening in Gandhi stamps collection? 

I think so.!!

It's not only Gandhi stamps but also all British India stamps including King Edward stamps, King George stamps, Queen Victoria stamps  and all other expensive stamps, were stamp sellers either SHILL bidding using their other id or help from friends eBay accounts.

In today's world there is nothing like RARE stamps or expensive stamps or hard to find stamps, because you can print that rare stamps with latest modern printing technology equipment with very very little difference which is hard to notice.!!

Also there is great push for stamps as investment and in which new collectors don't know about this kind of activities and get piece of paper instead of genuine stamps.!!

Usually rare stamps are the one which were very expensive to collect at that time. If you are not aware of forgery or replica stamps then you are screwed, because rare stamps don't come for sale on eBay as no collector who has genuine wants to sell.

If you read that I am selling my grandfather stamp collection or grandmother stamp collection, majority of it's all bogus, just trying to make fool to you.!!

Recently I saw 25 Rupees  - 25 rp King Edward stamps from India issued in 1909. Now if you think 25 Rupees 25 rp were lot of money at that time and who was going to use that stamps.!!

Now when you see used stamp they are generally made from forgery or replica stamps with forgery  rubber stamp, so you might think it's genuine used stamp.!!

Generally this kind of rare stamps or expensive stamps are made by one or two collectors turn dealers, with multiple eBay accounts, so you think it is sold by wide range of  eBay sellers from different countries.!! But that's not the case.!!

Also sometimes this kind of activity is done with help of others eBay member who sells stuff for you and you pay them certain commission.

I had seen all this activities by Gandhi stamp sellers as well as other stamps.!!

This rare stamps were for sale by  eBay member since 2012 "bemortenson2012" from Denmark for $700+. Don't you think this is expensive stamps and it's tempting to make this kind of stamps and make money.!!

In past "Bemortenson2012" bought this rare stamps of King Edward from "tw123tw" of Taiwan for $1300+.Click following link to read it and understand what's happening.!!

It's like buying and selling from each other.!!

Another way to make you fool is that by writing very little about this stamps, so you don't find any information when you search or ask someone.!!

Here "bemortensen2012" is only mention "1909 25 rp £ 1300 - hard to find" "1909 25 rp £ 1300 - hardest stamp to find"

In past I wrote following blog post about this rare stamps - expensive stamps of King Edward stamp - KED stamps issued in 1909 with  value of 25 rupees - 25 rp of 

So now what do you think about 

1) Seller "bemortenson2012" 
2) Is it rare stamps (rare to find)?
3) Is it expensive stamps ?

You have to pay so you have to decide whether this is really "Hardest stamp to find" or "RARE stamps" or "Expensive stamps".!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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