Imperial International Reply coupon

I think Stamp collection will make you cheater or detective, because making money from philatelic is easier than any other profession and you will be tempted to become cheater.!!

But also it teach you how to buy after getting cheated and become aware of all kind of illegal practice some of philatelic collector are doing in order to make money.!!

Just buy some unused Imperial reply coupon or International Reply coupon and make a rubber stamp and start selling. Also you will not caught selling such forgery item because no one cares.!!

Also on top of that start shill bidding to increase price and all kind of illegal method, so it  looks like lot of people are interested in stamp collection.

But yes you need to glorified this by stamp exhibit or by online exhibition, philatelic handbook, philatelic year book, blogging, websites etc.!!

Currently Imperial Reply Coupon is available for $335 from eBay member id "kalonji36" with feedback of only 24 and member since 2004 !!

Yes you need to see all kinds of things when you are stamp collector!! 

Also in past "kalonji36" was bidding on some FORGERY item of 1948 Gandhi stamps from India. Do you think all of them are involved in this.!!  Click to read or see following screenshot.

So what are chances forgery in following Imperial Reply Coupon with 1931 Round Table conference cancellation.?

You don't have to trust me as this is my personal opinion, but you have to make sure about all the things before you add this kind of rare items in your collection otherwise you will have rare piece of paper.!!

Still not sure, then please read my other blog posts and think about it.



This is Gandhi stamp collection, were everyone think they are smarter than other.!!! Click one of the following link and you will become smarter.!!

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

Gandhi Stamps Club

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