Mauritius dodo stamps

Hello Gandhi Stamps collectors,

In my past 4 years of experience Mauritius stamps are most forged stamps after India & China even though size of country and number of people.!!!

In this blog post I am comparing Mauritius DODO stamp and Mauritius Gandhi stamps cancellation, piece of paper and combination first day cover.

The Dodo is an extinct flightless bird that was endemic to the island of Mauritius, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

Recently I saw Mauritius DODO stamps  with well centered post marked on it from Agalega.!!

If you notice thoroughly then time on postmark is missing.

Do you think it's an ERROR or forged (where forger forgot about time.!!)? Or do you think it's genuine as it is from very remote island.!!

In past there was similar FAKE postmarked applied on 2001 Gandhi stamps from Mauritius.!! were creator of post mark rubber stamp forgot time and there has been time always on postal cancellation from Port Louis.

To read in detail click following link and you can see all other post mark from Mauritius.


Above postmark is without time.!! Recently I even saw modified version of this cancellation, which has time, but you can see the difference in numeric letter and alphabet.!!!

Whenever it's uniqueness (remote island or well centered) is involved there are more chances of forgery because certain ideas don't pop up at right time and when it pop's up it's too late, so there is always other option which is easy and cheap. Create a Forged rubber stamps.!

We had seen lot of Gandhi stamps on piece of paper and we found out that it was forgery. Also we had seen lot of British India stamp on piece of paper which are also forgery.

Now I saw Mauritius DODO stamps on piece of paper. To me it looks like very dark solid cancellation as if it was done specially to get good cancellation.

If it was regularly done then chance os missing lot of information on the cancellation are very high as it is done manually by postal employee.

What do you think about it.?

This are genuine on piece of paper or it's like other stamps on piece of paper. In past I had also seen 1969 Gandhi stamps from Mauritius on piece of paper, similar to following.

Compare above cancellation on dodo stamps with some of the forged or faked or bogus cancellation on piece of paper and you decide what is this dodo stamps.!!

Do you think it's a common practice to cheat by applying forged rubber stamps on piece of paper with stamps and make them it's used.!!?

Do you think Philatelic exhibition rules and category needs to be changed in order to avoid this kind of forgery so there will be more trust in collection hobby?

Now let's move to dodo stamps first day cover.

Now compare above cover with following and you will see similar cancellation.!!!

See time. It's 10 A.M. and if you look it's not properly because of space. To me it looks like applied seaperately
How hard it will be to MAKE new one.!! with time.!!

What do you think about above 2 first day covers with some uniqueness.!!!

Look at the difference in cancellation both are different.!! To me both looked forged.!!

Do you think it's genuinely post mark stamped on that particular date or it's just a different way to make money.!!!

Gandhi stamp first day cover with cancellation on 1969 stamp is complete forgery.

What do you think about dodo stamp first day cover.?

Do you think this kind of cover can make you win stamp exhibition? I don't think so.!!

Do you think this kind of  cover or piece of paper can be seen as INVESTMENT.!!

Gandhi stamps club.

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