USSR stamps sheet

Hello Gandhi Collectors,
Recently 1969 Mahatma Gandhi USSR stamps sheet was sold for $12.!!

This USSR stamp sheet has 30 stamps.!! Look at the value appreciating in stamps collection after 43+ years.!!!

Not sure whether $12 is real price or do you think chance of shill bidding happen in this also in order to bring the value of stamp sheet.!!

In past Great Britain Gandhi stamp sheet of 120 stamps sold for $15.


Ireland stamp sheet of Gandhi was sold for $41 ( 2 sheets of 120 stamps )


Mexico sheet of 50 Gandhi stamps sold for $16.


Morocco Gandhi stamp sheet of 50 stamps was sold for $40.


Sao Tome Principe stamp sheet of Mahatma Gandhi along with other world leaders such Lenin, Washington etc was sold for $7.!! and that in large quantity.


Germany Deutsche Briefmarken of Gandhi stamps sheet of 50 was sold for $3. (YES , 3 dollars)


So what  people or collectors or investment banker talking about investing in stamps.!!

After looking at pricing of this stamp sheet don't you think that it's better stay away from stamps sheet collection or forget about stamp collection all together.

Because it does not make sense when your Investment dont' grow.!!

Don't you think Gandhi stamps is
1) A hype
2) A speculation
3) A propaganda
4) A Glorification
5) A false hope of Riches.!!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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