Rocket mail cover?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

I had not seen real or genuine Gandhi stamps on rocket mail cover so I am researching more in to this rocket mail covers.

But before you read this blog post please read following so you are aware of all kinds of Cheating and Forgeries going in philatelic collection.

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After reading above blog post don't you think it's a BIG SCAM in philatelic world.!!

I came very close to finding one rocket fired cover with Gandhi stamps and official cancellation from US post office Wallops Island.

This is also something related to SCOUT.!!

So what do you think about all this type of rocket mail.?

Don't know whether it was carried in rocket or it's an event cover. It all depends how you describe it. Some one can describe it as carried by Rocket S-55 satellite UN 30 or some can describe rocket was fired on this date from this rocket.

I also wrote another blog post related to India Rocket mail cover. Click following to read and understand it.


Recently I saw a lot of rocket mail cover from USA but as per seller it's a LOCAL Post.!!

As per seller all Rocket mail, Balloon Mail, Glider Mail etc are from Colorado Local Post.

As there was concept of LOCAL post in USA as per my previous blog post. So what do you think about this rocket mail cover from Colorado Local post.

So what you think about following Rocket mail cover from India.?

Are all of the above rocket mail cover are also LOCAL post ?

Or do British India has Local post concept because it's not official from British India.

Or are this India rocket mail cover are Cinderella because it's just a label affixed on cover ?

Following are some of the SOLD rocket mail India covers.


So what do you think about all this type of rocket mail.?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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