Indian Postal stamps : Forgery and Cheating is common practice in Register or Used Cover.!!

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

What do you think about following Register used cover with 1948 India Postal stamps?

Don't you think it's a clear forgery ?

It's forgery because if you look at cancellation on 10 Rupees India postage stamp it's hand drawn!! or just affixed used stamps.

Even though this looks clearly a forgery there were 21 bids from 5 bidders, and it sold for $700!! This cover was twice sold on eBay.!!

Winner did not even paid for this purchase and both buyer and seller are out of business.!! 

If you see both seller and buyer have very low feedback.!! 

Which indicates that some seller opened new account and try to sell this forgery cover because he/she don't wants his real identity expose to others.!!

But  what amazes me that some well known dealers "Ganges1948" and "PhilIndia01" are also bidding on this covers.!!!

Don't know why, but your guess is mine.!!

What do you think about this forgery cover?

Don't you think all 1948 Register cover as well as used covers including private first day cover with India Gandhi postage stamps of 1948 is FORGERY?

Read following blog post about forgery in 1948 Gandhi stamps with "Jai Hind" special cancellation

Don't you loose trust  after reading all kinds of forgery, fake, bogus in 1948 Gandhi stamps collection ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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