Luxembourg stamps. : 1969 special cancellation are forgery ?

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Recently I saw Luxembourg postmark on Luxembourg stamp of Mahatma Gandhi issued in 1969.

Not sure whether this was really issued or it's a gimmick like we saw in BOGUS (never officially issued) 2009 Winnenden, Germany Gandhi postmark cancellation.

God knows what happened in 1969 as world was very small at that time because of slow communication as it was very hard to know what's going in other parts of the world.

But that was not the case in 2009, and I was lucky to get help with Internet from Winnenden stamp collectors and Deutsche Post (Germany Postal Department)  and we were able to nail it down that it was indeed a BOGUS postmark issued  Gandhi postmark from Winnenden, Germany to spread his message of Non Violence on occasion of school massacre.  

Above postmark (we can call rubber stamp) never authorized or approved by Deutsche Germany postal department or Indian Embassy of Germany to use Emblem of India . Click following link to understand what's going on in postmark collection.


Don't you think if this was not caught it was glorified in various magazine, handbooks, exhibition etc. I found out that sometimes they also provide incorrect information because they also think it's genuine.

So chances of other postmark cancellation issued in 1969 is also very high.

Recently Luxembourg postmark was for sale on eBay for $26.!!!

Look at the money involved in this kind of special rubber stamp, so it's very tempting to make one!!

And that the reason Germany 2009 rubber stamp was selling for $100.!!!

Now if you compare 1969 Luxembourg postmark don't you think there are chances of similarity of 2009 Gandhi rubber stamp from Germany.

We all know from previous blog post that there are wide varities of this Luxembourg cancellation on multiple Luxembourg stamps is available.


So beware when you are in Gandhi philately then chances of forgery or fake or bogus is very high whether it's Luxembourg stamps or Luxembourg postmark.

Following are countries who only 1969 Mahatma Gandhi special postmark cancellation to celebrate   his birth centenary.

1) Burma
2) Fiji
3) Czech Republic
4) Luxembourg

After seeing 2009 Gandhi rubber stamp from Germany, I don't know whether this were really issued or just do it yourself hobby.!!

I have 3 of them in my collection except Fiji.!! 2 of them I bought  because I was not aware of things going in Gandhi philately in my early days and Burma cancellation I bought for my study and which also looks to me is one more addition into forgeries.!!

Don't be surprised if you see more countries or from other various cities with 1969 postmark.!!

It's nothing new about FORGED postmark either it's special cancellation or regular post office postmark cancellation. It has been going around for 100+ years whether it's 1948 special "JAI HIND" cancellation from India on Gandhi stamps or regular post office cancellation from various post office from India applied on Gandhi stamps to make private or personal first day cover or register used cover.

In short where there is money, there is all kind of forgery.!!

Don't you think it was easy to make and to glorify by exhibiting in stamp exhibition, publishing in philatelic magazine or handbook or philatelic yearbook etc.

And now a days it's even more easy to glorify by writing about it on blogs, website, stamp forums, stamp boards, stamp discussion with various fake id.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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