Postal Stamps of India : Are they really HOT or just INFLATED ?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

As you know there is nothing RARE in stamps of India issue in 1948 for Gandhi philatelic material, because anyone can make any kind of philatelic material if they have access to forged rubber stamp  or original rubber stamp (either stolen or duplicate) with them or inherited from parents or grand parents who were philatelist in 1948.!!

On January 30, 2013 I saw private first day cover with India stamps of Mahatma Gandhi issued in 1948 and mailed to UK, which was selling for $11000.!!

Yes 11,000 dollars, for $2 invested in 1948.!!

Do you think it's this much HOT? I can't even count ROI on this.!!

Don't it motivate to make Forged cover after looking ROI on this kind money.!! Even if you buy mint 1948 postal stamps of India for $300 or $400 than also it's lot of money.!!

But if you see seller has only one feedback.!!  Looks like he/she is trying to hide identity because seller with one feedback will not sell $11000 material as they don't know how eBay auction works and they will not even trust buyer.!!

Will you buy $11,000 worth of anything from seller with feedback with just one.?

But in 2010 I wrote blog post about similar cover which was sold only for $1675.!!

Do you really think price is increased 5 times.!! in just 2 - 3 years.!!

Or it's all INFLATED price, to glorify Indian postal stamps used in 1948 Gandhi Stamps philatelic material.

Following is the link to read about research on this including bidding details, feedback etc.


After reading above blog post don't you think that this personal or private first day cover price is already INFLATED.

Do you think Shill Bidding is happening to increase price or not paying seller or mutual withdraw of bid or cancelling bid or some other kind of things in Stamps of India  or Indian commemorative stamps.

Looks like both cover are made with same kind of personal envelope and send to different address.

Do you really think this were send to London and Sussex ?

Or just typed address and keep it with you.

As in my previous blog post I mentioned that private first day cover has more chances of forgery, because it's not official cachet from Post & Telegraph department of India and it can be printed anytime with any kind of paper or size of envelope, because it's difficult to find unused official envelope and also it's very difficult to print because of type of paper used in 1948.

So what do you think about this private first day cover from India.?

Is it really worth $11000 ? ----- Or it's false hope of riches ?

What do you think about seller feedback ? ----- Do you think it's something wrong with cover or want to hide something from government to pay income tax or sales tax etc.?

So beware what are you collecting.

So you need to think always before you buy otherwise you will regret.

To me at the end it will be JUST PIECE OF PAPER.!!

If you have money to throw away then start collecting  British India Stamps, 1948 Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material and you will have a PIECE of PAPER (with no peace of mind.!!).

Still cannot decide then read following blog post which might help you.

Still not decided then my opinion is AVOID it all the cost.!! and have peace of mind instead of worrying you are buying Genuine material.!!!

To me all Gandhi Philatelic material available ( specially before 1950) looks FAKE or Forgery as it is very hard to find Genuine stuff and as new collectors (like me) wants to collect, so some greedy experienced collectors/dealers will provide  all of us as well as experienced collectors.!!

Still want to do research  then please read my other blog post and have fun.!!

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To me it's not HOT but very highly INFLATED by SHILL Bidding, Unbelievable starting price and high price bidding and not paying to seller.

But more than that there are more BOGUS and Forged philatelic material selling at very high price.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club..

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