South Africa stamps : Do you still want to collect stamps ?

Hello Gandhi stamps collectors,

If you see stamps are not even selling or selling like 5-10 times lower their value than mentioned in catalog.!!

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What I notice that stamp value is not appreciating at all, but still you see some times price of single stamps goes to the roof. Following is South Africa stamps which were sold for just $5. 

Yes, $5 for 20 South Africa stamps of Gandhi issued in 1995.!!

Reason for this high price of stamp is nothing but SHILL Bidding so make sure about it. There are lot of Gandhi stamps out there so you will definitely get one, so no rush at all.

Only way to buy stamp is to study SELLER and BIDDERS, before you buy.!!

If you see price goes up in certain sellers cause it's shill bidding and for certain seller it goes up because other seller wants to increase their collection price.!!

Sometime price don't goes up because no other seller bidded on that bid, if they know that seller is genuine or fake.!!

Seller is Genuine or Fake.!!! Yes that's the key.

A Hobby in Decline : Stamp Collection : South Africa Stamps Price

So what do you think about this pricing in South Africa stamps. This is correct pricing or still chances of going down !!

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