Stamps and Philatelic Forgery. - 1948 Indian stamps one of the most forged used on First Day cover and USED covers.

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I am seeing upward trend in 1948 Gandhi stamps forgery material. Not sure why? But to me it looks like everyone is dumping it as soon as possible.

To me it looks like there is more than 80-90% forgery Gandhi Philatelic material when it's rare or expensive.!! 

You might be thinking from where the hell I came up with this #.!! 

Here I am seeing one more forgery in stamps from India.!! Please look at it and let me know what do you think?

Following is official cachet first day cover with 3 lower value Gandhi stamps from Post & Telegraph department of India issued in 1948.

But to me special cancellation looks like forgery ?

Main reason for forgery is the curves in the special "Jai Hind" cancellation issued specially for this stamp in 1948. If you see genuine then it has only single curve, where as here it has double.!!

                       Forgery                                                                      Looks Genuine.!!

What do you think about this difference in both? 

Don't you think it screwed up.!!! or it's ERROR ?

Don't know whether one is forged or both.!! You never know I might be comparing with another forged cancellation.!! 

This is GANDHI stamp philatelic material, where everything is possible. You think and there will be some one who already had done in past.!! So it's nothing new for experienced collectors.

So BEWARE what you are collecting otherwise you might end up with something you don't want.!!

A British auctioneer recently warned: "Unless you know what you are doing – and this only comes with many years of experience – it is very difficult to buy sensibly and at the right prices and genuine philatelic material." (From Wikipedia)

According to me it's a big SCAM where multiple people are involved. One is making it, One is glorifying it, One is selling it, One is buying it!!!

Following are 2 more 1948 "Jai Hind" special cancellation RUBBER stamp which are forged from Simla and Bombay.!!

In future don't you think you will find  more special cancellation from Pondicherry, Kanpur, Poona etc.

Also might be see "Jai Hind" special cancellation from Ahmedabad, Porbandar, Wardha etc. or even from Nepal or Tibet. 

It's just a rubber stamp.!!

But my main concern is not forgery rubber stamp, but the ORIGINAL which might be in hands of some experienced philatelist or dealers at that time or inherited from them and it's with their family.!!

Or someone made duplicate while ordering this or even making this official special cancellation.!!

This is the scariest thing because it will be very difficult to find out.

Also chances of this used on various private first day cover or max card etc.!!

Don't you think this is possible.? 

Not sure what they did to this rubber stamp? Destroyed it or keep in vault or musuem.!!

It might be not destroyed and just keep it.!! or as we had seen 1969 color proof for sale 3 years,  which should be in Indian archives or vault, but it was on sale in auction.!! 

So if it is not destroyed or in vault then no one will even notice if rubber stamp is missing.

So stay away from anything related to 1948.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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