Stamp booklet : How to sell stamps from different Global location for $2200 ?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

This blog post will educate how to market your stamps if you are selling.!! It's little bit complicate to understand, but if you get awareness from this post then you can solve big puzzle in Gandhi stamp selling.!!

Main thing to learn from this blog post is Location of item and Bidders bidding on Gandhi items.

Month ago I wrote blog post illegal usage or early usage about " Emblem of India on 1948 Gandhi Special Booklet or folder from Brazil is BOGUS (never issued). It's Early Usage of Emblem of India.!!"

Please read above blog post so you understand what I am talking about it.

In my previous blog post I mentioned about 1948 Gandhi stamps in Brazil folder or stamp booklet was sold for $750 in "BUY IT NOW" format instead of going through auction from $499.

Now same folder was auctioned and it was sold from TAIWAN for $2200.!! As per buyer seller did not obey "Buy it Now" purchase and resold it to same eBay id in auction.!!

Do you think BPA or RPS will issue expertizing certificate for this folder ?

To me it looks like MONEY grows on trees for Gandhi stamps collectors buyers.!!

How can you buy $2200 item without any expert advice.!!

But after cheated first time, will you Buy again if you are cheated in first place.!!

No way I will trust that seller.  Also I will not trust his folder also because it might be cheating!! If it was 2-3$ value I might risk my money, but for $2200 forget about it. 

I researched more about the seller "bayphilatelics" from United States and selling from various location for items he sells on eBay. Some times it's San Ramon, CA !!

Following is China stamp selling from San Ramon, CA, USA.!!!

I don't understand how all this works!! But my guess it's a global business with great logistics and excellent supply chain.!!

But I don't know how a California buyer will be taxed  and how taxation works for this kind of small upcoming global export import companies,?

Do you really think it's worth $2200 or it's a false hope of Riches ?

There were 9 bidders and 15 bids on this item. But last 4 bidders brought price from $500 to $2200.

Now let's study about comments for this purchase.

Buyer gave NEUTRAL feedback on both purchase.

Don't you think one of them should be NEGATIVE, because it was eBay sold and seller did not obeyed eBay rules.?

Don't you think other one should be postive feedback.!! It only took 15 days to reach from Taiwan to India.!! I think it's reasonable time to reach (for register mail) if you consider all Christmas and New Year holidays observed by Taiwan and India postal administration. so Why slow shipment!!

But main thing is I will not trust this seller because it's $2200 is involved in this.!!

1) Do you really think item location is in Taiwan?
2) Or do you think it's in San Ramon?
3) Do you think it's really purchased for $2200?
4) Do you think eBay & Paypal got commission from this sale.? It should be almost $150-$160.!!
5) Where do you think income tax is paid ? In Taiwan or USA ?

So what do you think about this eBay transaction ?

Why I care about eBay commission and PayPal commission.?

(Disclosure : I am holding shares/stocks of eBay.)

I hope everything went good in this transaction, because it's lot of money.!!  And that's the reason I care about commission to eBay and PayPal.

Do you really think THIS IS A GLOBAL SELLING ?

Or one more way to fool collectors.?

Or to GLORIFY Gandhi stamps and philatelic material.!! ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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