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Hello Gandhi Collectors,

We had seen lot of India used abroad stamps during British India. I am not sure whether it was really used abroad or just get cancel it like following or even forged cancellation as it will be very hard to know whether it was actually used abroad.

Looks like above is genuinely used abroad stamps with USA Gandhi stamps in 1967, but I don't think it was travelled through regular postal stream. 

It's easy to make this kind of cover with abroad stamps. Just affix regular USA stamp on cover and request  post office to cancel it and it will also go through postal stream.

Following cover has 2 USA Gandhi stamp as well as 1948 India Gandhi stamp as well as label or Cinderella stamp (reprinted) of Azad hind which was sold for $6.

I think anyone can make this kind of cover by affixing proper postage and asking for hand cancellation.!!

We had seen some 1948 Gandhi stamps used abroad from Tibet as well as Nepal. To me both looked like forged because it has lot of known issue such as date of Sunday used on cancellation as well as there is no genuinely used of 1948 on official first day cover.!!

In past I wrote blog post about India used abroad stamps. Following are the links.




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