Investing in Stamps - King Edward stamps - KE VII 1902 India stamps

Stamp Investment is nothing but artificial created by some investment manager or broker with help of auction houses, stamp dealers and stamp collectors.

At first everyone wants to collect stamp and become stamp collector and exhibit stamps in order to win some medals but greed makes them to get involved in making money and that's lot of it.!!

So stamp collector will work with other dealers to exhibit FORGED stamps or Bogus philatelic material  in world level exhibition so they can glorify philatelic material which has no value.

This stamp collector is now famous and will call other Politician and well respected person in society to inaugurate stamp exhibition or special events in order to market stamps.!!

But Greed of this stamp collector increases, so  now this stamp collector will involved in Cheating and start selling stamps and become dealer.!!!

Now this dealer (collector) will join world wide stamp seller CARTEL (other dealers) and involved in fake bidding, shill bidding and all kind of illegal activities in order to increase price so they can make more money.!!

Now stamp dealer (collector) will work with yearbook writer, philatelic magazine and stamp and philatelic Handbook author to write about this FORGED and Bogus philatelic material.

Sometimes this stamp collector turns dealer will also become author of Philatelic and Stamp Handbooks. Also will write blogs or website or online stamp exhibit related to philatelic stamp collection in order to glorifying and provide false information.!!!

Some times this world famous collector/exhibitor/dealer/author will also donate FORGED philatelic stamps material to philatelic museum or charity in order to gain popularity.!!

Also they will get Expertising Certificate from some unknown or fake expert or forged it!! Or they will create their own expertising company.!! (click this link to read more about stamp expertising)

Now this dealer will work with auction houses around the world to sell this BOGUS philatelic material for thousands of dollars.!!!

Now fund manager will advise you to invest in stamps and they earn money too.!!

This is what stamp investment is.!!!


Do you want to still INVEST in STAMPS or PHILATELIC material ??

Good Luck and Wish all the best for collecting piece of paper.!!

Now let's see following example of 1902 India  King Edward  VII stamp. This is 25 Rupees stamp issued in 1902 by British India. It was lot of money 113 years ago so no one will have to use this stamp except your are in Royal family so some high government post.

This used stamp was sold for $676 by eBay seller "worldstamp22" from Belgium.

But what are chances of this used stamp FORGERY stamps with forged rubber stamp applied on the stamps.!!

Following are FORGERY or REPLICA stamps which are available in plenty so it's just getting to make forged rubber stamp which can be made easily.!!

Following are FAMOUS FORGERY RUBBER STAMPS USED in PHILATELIC and STAMP COLLECTION so it's not hard to make any regular rubber stamp.



So don't you think it's easy to make rubber stamps ?

This is how FORGED philatelic material on stamps  are created.

Want to invest in stamps and get this kind of paper.!!

Whether it's 1902 King Edward stamps or First Aerial Post or Straits Settlements or Gandhi rubber stamps 

Now let's see how bidding on this $676 1902 King Edward (King Edouard VII) was done by whom and find out what's happening in stamp selling.!!

There were 12 bidders and 38 bids.  It looks like lot of collectors are interested in this stamps investing.!!

Following are some of them which interesting to do research.!!

2***! (373)
i***c (225)
t***8 (4722)

But when you see their bidding detail you will be surprised.!!

Check their TOTAL BIDS and BID ACTIVITY with this SELLER "worldstamps22"

Now eBay user "2***!(373)"

Do you think it's make sense to bid on 36 items with total 64 bids.!!

But more interesting is 57% bid with this seller "worldstamps22" from Belgium.!!

Now eBay user "i**c(225)"

Do you think it's make sense to bid on 248 items with total 411 bids.!!

But more interesting is 46% bid with this seller "worldstamps22" from Belgium.!!

Now eBay user "t***8(4722)"

Do you think it's make sense to bid on 410 items with total 736 bids.!!

But more interesting is 19% bid with this seller "worldstamps22" from Belgium.!!

Now look at some following point to think.

1) So WHAT DO YOU THINK about this bidders and bidding activities. ? (Is it all genuinely interested in buying stamps or just increasing price)

2) Is it SHILL BIDDING ? (it will be very hard to tell, but you can use our common sense and decide).

3) Do you think buyer 2***!(373) paid to eBay seller "worldstamps22". ? (Only  eBay knows or buyer and seller  will know.!!)

Is eBay shareholders are getting benefit of this transaction or it's a false indication ?

Do you think this is Investing in stamps ?

If yes then please read following blog post about 1902 King Edward stamp so you get more idea what are you investing in piece of paper.




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