Expertising Certificate Forgery - Gandhi Philately Cheating ?

As I mentioned before Gandhi Philately is nothing but cheating. 

In order to make money Gandhi Philately collectors will do any thing.

  • Create Bogus (never exist) material (like Round Table Conferenece Cancellation or 2009 Gandhi special cancellation from Germany).
  • Forged Expertising Certificate
  • Shill Bidding
  • Don't pay to seller.
  • Forged stamps

Look at the following Royal Philatelic Society - RPS certificate. It's FORGED for Indian Round Table conference special cancellation.

But this Round Table Cancellation itself is BOGUS - Never issued by British Postal Administration but it's circulating on eBay.

On top of that it's glorified in various Gandhi Philatelic material such as Philatelic Handbook, Stamp Year Book, Online Gandhi stamp exhibit, Gandhi Philatelic websites/blogs/forum etc.!!


So do you trust Royal Philatelic Society - RPS certificate ?

Above forged expertising  certificate was forged by  "GandhiPhilately" aka "echobangla" from Australia.!!

Even listing country Australia might be mentioned wrong in order to make collectors think it's not from India.!!

Another forged Royal Philatelic Society expertising certificate is one of the expensive Gandhi stamps.


So do you trust Royal Philatelic Society - RPS certificate ?

So now you don't think Gandhi Philately is Cheating ?

All you see on eBay or delcampe or Handbooks are nothing but FORGERY or BOGUS Gandhi Philately material with increase priced by SHILL bidding in order to Glorify and make you think it's GENUINE.

But in reality Gandhi Philately is Cheating.!!

All this private exhibition, Gandhi philately speech with politicians are nothing but to make it more glorification and make you believe that this is worth collecting.!!


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  1. So who do you trust?
    Where do find the real value of your stamps.
    I have who bunch of stamps.



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