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Recently I saw mint India 1913 or 1928 GEOV stamp valued 25 Rs, 15 Rs, 10 Rs issued 100+ years ago selling in huge quantity.

eBay seller "anglo-Indian-affairs" from UK sold more than 200 India mint GEOV stamps.

Yes GEOV stamps sold between $300 to $50. (approximately $10000).!! 
  • How much capital gain tax this seller has to pay ?
  • How much VAT & income tax has to pay to UK federal government ?

Who the hack is buying this INDIA GEOV stamps.!!?

What bother me is that 25 Rs or 15 Rs or 10 Rs was lot of money in 1913.

No one has that kind of money and save it for collection as investment.

It's a paper which will deteriorated over the time.

People will invest in GOLD not in piece of paper.

Also this high value stamps were not required for regular postage as there was nothing that expensive to post.

So what are this mint INDIA GEOV stamps ?


Yes FORGERY are selling as Genuine. !!

I know  this kind of sale is good for

  • eBay as they will get commission
  • capital gain tax to country of selling
  • VAT to country(EU) of selling (depending on buyer's country).
  • Paypal as they will get fees from seller
  • Income tax (year end) of seller's country.
it's hard to tell but My opinion that no one gets money.!!

But not sure why collectors are paying this much after my opinion through following blog post.!

Now do you think all this selling is real.?

  • Yes, I am talking about FAKE selling.!!
  • Buyer don't pay to seller. Seller cancel bid with eBay so don't have to pay commission.
  • SHILL bidding by philatelic friends, relative and seller's other id to increase price and cancel the transaction if someone else don't buy it from the cartel.!! so don't have to pay commission to eBay.
  • You and me will be not aware what happen in reality.!!
This is what happens to increase price of any collectible items.


Look carefully and think how easy is so get fooled by this replica stamps.

Don't you think above are replica stamps ?

Because # 1 thing is that no one has that kind of money to keep it as collection.!!

Don't you think you can make lot of money by selling replica as genuine.

So do you think India GEOV stamps are forgery selling as genuine.?

I think so.!


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