Making money on eBay by selling stamp - India stamps - 1948 Gandhi special cancellation JAI HIND.

Making money by selling stamps is very easy on eBay.

Just buy some forgery stamps (replica stamps) available on eBay and make CDS  (Cancellation Date Stamp) rubber stamp and apply on any envelope or used old cover or any unused FDC envelope.

Look at the following Gandhi 1948 FDC from Nagpur is selling for 70,000 Indian Rupees ($1000+) . It's lot of money.

As per my research there was only special cancellation was issued from G.P.O of Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi and Madras . 

But you can see special cancellation from various cities of India which is nothing but BOGUS. 

Also you will see all BOGUS cancellation from various Consulate of India such as Nepal, Brazil, etc. which are nothing but forgery.

Now you can see following Forgery(replica) Gandhi stamps with special Jai Hind cancellation selling under $10. You can buy this and start selling for high price.

Following are Jai Hind special cancellation on FORGERY stamp from Nagpur on piece of paper.!!

Piece of  paper.!!

We know what is this piece of paper. In past there were Gandhi SERVICE stamp selling on piece of paper with Governer General cancellation sold at high price.!!

So this is one more collection in piece of paper.!!

In past this kind of piece of paper with Gandhi SERVICE stampw as sold for $430.!!

This is BOGUS stamp.

It was never issued or never used by Governor General but it keeps coming!!

It is even glorified in Gandhi stamp exhibits, stamp handbooks, yearly book and every where.!!

Even won medal with kinds of Fake & Forgery .!!

Nice marketing done for FAKE product.!!

Don't you think it's easy to make money on eBay.!! Buy for $5 and sell it for $400 by Shill bidding!!

Now do you think this was really sold for $430 by seller "arvindr" from USA ?

Do you think seller got $430 from this transaction ?

Do you think eBay got $43 as commission from this transaction ?

Do you think state and federal government got Capital Gain tax from this collectible item ?

How about state and federal income tax on this kind of items ?

Or do you think this transaction was cancelled ?

Do you think there were 19 bids on this auction ?

Do you think this was done just to increase price of this stamp so it is glorified as unique, rare, genuine stamps ?

Read following blog post and you will get more information then you need about any stamp collection.!!




Don't you think it's easy to make money on eBay.!!


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