Making money on eBay - British India King Edward 1902 stamp

Everyone loves money.!!

But to earn money by selling stamp on ebay is very easy.

Just buy some forgery stamps (replica) and sell it as genuine by applying rubber stamp (easy to make)  and sell it by SHILL bidding (to increase price).

Following is British India King Edward 1902 stamp valued 25 Rupees. 

It was lot of money 115 years so it will be very hard to find mint in condition unless you are from King of England family.

Also it will be very hard to find this used stamp because no one in India was using this much amount of stamp. Also in 1902 there were very few people to need this stamp for use.!!

Following is  British India King Edward 1902 stamp and it will be very hard to tell it's GENUINE or FORGERY.!!

It's forgery.!!

And it's available for $5 and it's very hard to tell that it's forgery.!!

To me it looks like genuine when I compare with other 1902 India KE VII stamp sold for $2000 or $1750.!!

This forgery stamp is well centered position.!!

Seller can sell this as genuine but he choose to sell it forgery so no buyer.!!

Also he did not did any SHILL bidding to make it look it's authentic.!!

Above stamp is available on eBay for $5 and no one wants to even buy it.!!

Even used stamp is available for $5.!!!

So don't you think you can make money by selling this forgery stamps as GENUINE and make lot of money.!!!

Following are some of the sold stamps on eBay in last 2-3 years ago. Now think how many might be sold in last 5 years.!!! (more than 300 - 500.!!).

Seller                                   Price Sold 

Anjulin                                   $2000
pristinephilateic                      $1750
s_faria                                      $800(appr)
bygonesofbridlingt                  $618
worldstamp22                          $504
collstamps                                $498
filer3rd                                     $435
beattle123                                $295
bcsomani                                  $175

Can you imagine how much money this seller has to pay to
  •  eBay as commission
  • Capital Gain Tax to country of selling.
  • Income Tax, State Tax, Sales Tax to that country.
  • Paypal as commission.

But still seller make lot of money.!!!

You also have to pay above taxes and commission even if you sell forgery stamp as genuine so be prepared to pay.!!

I know it paying taxes it hurts but you cannot escape paying taxes if you are in USA or European countries or Australia or Japan or Korea.!!

Compare below stamps with above FORGERY or REPLICA and see margin on sides.!!

To me all of the following look FORGERY and above stamp looks GENUINE when I compare margin on all sides.!!


Recently it's not selling for high price like $2000 or $1750 or $800 but you can still make $387 or $330.!!

eBay seller "Joru" from Germany - $387
eBay seller "elagen1" from UK - $330
eBay seller "walt.papc from US - $250(best offer ?)

Even some tried to sell at high price but not were able to sell it.!!

eBay seller "statusinternational" for $1200
eBay seller "nainad" for $849(multiple 1902 KE stamps)
eBay seller "cassouza" for $495.

So  don't you think you can money also.!!

I think it's easy.
  • Just buy replica (forgery) stamp
  • Create rubber stamp of any big city like Calcutta or Bombay or Pondicherry and apply on replica stamp.

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