Stamp Catalogue of China - "Chan Catalogue" - reference book on Chinese Philately - INDIA1854 1/2A DULL RED DIE SG14

Recently I saw  Imperf stamp SG14 of  INDIA 1854 1/2A Anna  in  bloc of 6 selling for $3500 from ebay seller "jmcoins2009" from Switzerland.

I am not sure whether this kind of stamps are Genuine or FORGERY because it will be hard for someone to save this kind of stamp in MINT condition.

It will be lot of money in 1854.!!!

Unless you stole it from  KING of Britain it will be very hard to come up on eBay.!!

But what I notice seller is using Stamp Catalogue of China  - "Chan Catalogue" -  reference book on Chinese Philately  for pricing.!!

Not sure why not use some standard catalog value.!!

But in last 7 years I had seen more than 1000+ stamps coming on eBay which makes me think it's all FORGERY.




But some of them sold at high price also. So not sure somebody paid for FORGED stamps.!!

In past I had seen block of 16 was for sale by "stamp_bay" from California.

In past this kind of block of 6 was sold by vivek_nigam from Sunnyvale, California for $1400 with 23 bids on it. (Lot of money for California government from Capital Gain TAX as well as Sales Tax.)


Looks like California is hotbed for British India stamp collection.!!

  • Do you think this was really sold for $1400 ?
  • Do you think eBay got commission on this transaction ?
  • Do you think California "Franchise Tax Board" got tax money on this stamp sell ?
  • Do you think  California State got sales tax on this ?
  • Do you think USA "Internal Revenue Service" got capital gain tax ?

Do you think no one got money ?
Do you think it's bogus transaction (shill bidding to increase price and buyer did not paid to seller).

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