Mother Teresa Of India Autograph On FD Folder stamps - Genuine or Forgery ? Making money on eBay

Recently I saw Mother Teresa Autograph on First Day stamp folder.

Don't you think it's very easy to FORGED autograph like this ?

Do you think it's Genuine Autograph or FORGED autograph  of Mother Teresa ?

Don't you think it's easy to make money by Forging autograph ?

Recently I saw Mother Teresa of India Autograph on FD First Day folder selling for $400 by eBay seller "ashokmehta1955"

It's lot of money to make here.!!

According to me this is one of the way to make money.

If you just sell stamp or first day folder then chances are no one will buy it or it will be sold for $2 or $3.

But with autograph it's selling for $400.

In past I saw 1966 Indian Airlines Crash Mail cover selling from UK by "ph4uv".

Click to read more about this Airline Crash cover.


Don't you think it's very easy to make rubber stamp and apply on any cover ?

You can make more money by making this rubber stamp then just selling stamp.!!

Now after reading description and title  it looks like this cover survived airline crash even though as per description no survivors.

Do you believe this.?

Is this really airplane crashed cover ?

Do you really think this was sold for $405 or it's SHILL bidding to increase price in order to look authentic/genuine ?

We had seen all kind of rubber stamps with similar kind of events. Recently in 2009 there was a FAKE special cancellation issued on October 2nd on International Day of Non-Violence from Winnenden Germany to celebrate High School Massaccare where 16 students and teacher died.  

After looking above two example, don't you think this is another example of FORGERY to make money.? 

I am not sure but chances are very high.!!

But I am sure that there is NOTHING RARE in stamp collection or philatelic collection!!

If it is RARE than it's FORGERY or BOGUS.!

So keep in mind.!


Click following link to read about Mother Teresa Signed Baseball.!! (Ofcourse FAKE).


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