Hungary stamps : Is this really error stamp used on cover ?

 Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I saw one of kind cover with Gandhi stamp.  One stamp on this cover is ERROR stamp.

Not sure whether it can be consider as error stamp or picked from TRASH.!! before color combination was finalized or it's a deliberate act to create error in stamp by taking it before it's printed!! as  there is something like quality control which don't miss this kind of big thing.!!

Even though it is one of kind cover, it was only sold for $500.!! with only one bidder interested in it, unlike 1948 Gandhi used covers from India were there are 20-30 bids and which sells from $1000-3000.!! even though 1948 used covers are not one of a kind as it is available in very large quantity. (All forgeries.!!)

Not sure why only one bidder is interested in this kind of rare cover of Gandhi.

Is Gandhi stamp collection is also declining like other thematic collection or something else what other collectors are thinking same thing like each other.!!

If it is genuine cover then this will be one of the rarest used cover with Gandhi stamps because other covers with 1948 Gandhi stamp from India or 1971 Panama Gandhi stamp are available in plenty and are selling for unbelievable price.!!  Whether they are selling for high price with different tricks such as Shill bidding, Not paying to seller etc.

So to me this cover was sold for very less price. Not sure what worldwide Gandhi philatelist were thinking about this cover.!!

But I am thinking following about this cover.

1) Is this Genuine cover with proper registration 1974 postage rates affixed on cover?
2) Postal clerk did not see other stamp which has no country name on it before applying rubber stamp?
3) What was registration postage in 1974.?
4) Was this imperf error stamp was sold from post office ? (like inverted Jenny stamp) 
5) Was this stamp illegally grab from printing press ?
6) Do you think this cover has Forged rubber stamp? (like Governor General of India or Panama FDC or 2009 Germany Cancellation from Winnenden or 1948 Gandhi "Jai Hind" special cancellation, etc)

Let me make sure  that I am not proclaiming that this is forgery cover but also I am not sure whether this cover is Genuine, as I don't consider myself as expert in Gandhi Philatelic because it's very hard to find out all past information and there was very less communication as world was very small and isolated (pre Internet age.!!). 

If there was no Internet I was not able to find out about 2009 BOGUS special cancellation from Winnenden Germany issued to celebrate non violence for school massacre.

Even if there is any information it's very hard to believe it from philatelic handbooks, old magazine etc because they might have got false information at that time or some of them might got BOGUS special cancellation which never exist such as 1969 cancellation from Burma, Fiji, Luxembourg etc. Also chances are they might have false information about certain first day covers as well.

In past I had seen one more cover with imperf Hungary stamps of Gandhi. This was not register cover, but it has same value of stamps as above cover even though this was mailed in 1970 where are other was mailed in 1974 as register mail.

In past this imperf stamp without black color was sold for $1246 for block of 4. That means each stamp was sold for $312.

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But currently seller  "east-europe-philatelics" from Hungary is selling just single stamps for $3333, but ships this stamps from USA.!!

This stamp is on market for more than 2-3 years and there are no buyers for this.!!

Do you think this stamp is worth $3333.!!!

I think there are plenty of this stamps available, if you know how printing was done in 1969. They used to print 4 sheets of stamps in one big sheet. So if this stamp sheet was 60 stamps than there will be 240 stamps.!!

God knows how many sheets were printed like this or taken from printing garbage instead of destroying it.!!

My guess is there might be more than one sheet like we see in Gandhi SPECIMEN stamp with no country name.!!

Also don't you think FORGERY of this stamp is possible ?

I think so.!! Because we saw lot of forgery Gandhi stamps so it's not a big deal to print one.!! Also don't have to worry about perforation.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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