Great Britain - GB stamp collection - CHEATING in stamp collection ?

Recently I saw Great Britain stamp collection (Mint stamps) sold by eBay UK seller "mint.stamps" since 2003 and item location in USA on January 31 for $5628.

Same Great Britain stamp collection was sold  by eBay UK seller "collectstamps" since 2012 and item location in USA on November 22 for $6225.

Do you think it's REAL GENUINE transaction ?

This means eBay got commission from both of them.!!

Also one is going to pay Capital Gain tax and other is taking loss on Capital Gain Tax (short term) on collectibles.!

Do you BELIEVE that some one will sell this fast after buying it and taking loss ? ($1200+ including commission to eBay ).

But not sure which country will get CAPITAL GAIN tax. USA or UK ?

Reason for this is seller is from UK but item location is USA ?

My guess is about VAT or Capital Gain tax or who knows.!! 

Do you think both eBay id are of same sellers. "mint.stamps" and "collectstamps".

Chances are very high. ( My opinion is yes, but you don't have to believe)

So it's nothing but canceling the eBay transaction so don't have to pay commission which is about 10% of selling price which will be around US 1100$.

Look at catalog value of Great Britain stamps from GB, Canada, FAlkland Islands as per seller.!!


And selling for $6000.!!

Recently seller was selling Saudi Arabia ARAMCO used cover for 2nd time .!!

Not sure why but it was for sale again for $999,99 (one hundred thousand US dollars.!!)

This is common practice in Gandhi stamp collection were stamps are sold multiple times by same seller or with different id.!!

So what do you think about this transaction?



My personal opinion (you don't have to believe me, but you can think) it's CHEATING .!!

Reason for CHEATING in Great Britain stamp collection.
  • This happen in Gandhi stamps all the time, to increase price by SHILL bidding or by FAKE bidding to increase price and not paying to seller.
  • Who is going to take loss of $1200 in 3 months.! (including commission to eBay).
  • Seller is based in UK and item location in USA.
According to me no one is getting money from this.!!

This is only FALSE hope of riches to increase price and show there is still interest in stamp collection.!!

But according to me there is no interest in stamp collection  as it's DYING hobby. 

I can even say it's an OBSOLETE hobby.


BTW: Read my 2011  blog post and it same method is used to CHEAT.!!

What is Gandhi Stamp Value ? Does it make sense to Invest in Gandhi stamps.!!

We all know how price are increased on eBay.

1) SHILL bidding
2) Not paying to seller
3) Selling with different accounts.

Now let's research about Gandhi Stamp Value.

I know you all might have following Gandhi stamps in your collection but this is blog post is for future new Gandhi collectors.

Above 12 stamps are very colorful from 9 different countries which are Brazil, Hungary, Chile, Tanzania, Guyana, Senegal , Morocco, Nevis & Ireland. Most of this stamps were issued in 1969 which is almost 40+ years.

But all this stamps were UNSOLD for $12 and now it for resale again at $13.!!!   Look at following screen shot of this Gandhi stamp value and it's amazing that same stamps are sold by 2 different sellers.!!

As I mentioned before that you can find MNH Gandhi Stamps any time as there are NO RARE stamps. It is made RARE by certain dealers who try to profit out of it.

So who ever bought this stamps 40 years ago and preserve this very nicely in album can't sell for $12 from 9 different countries.

 In past we saw GANDHI DU CAMEROUN 2 STAMP 1969  sold for $2-3,  Gandhi SOMALIA 3 STAMPS 1969 sold for $3-4  and GANDHI SYRIAN TWO STAMPS 1969 sold for $1-2.

As I mentioned in my previous blog posts that Gandhi stamps are not for Investment. Now it's up to you to think whether Gandhi stamps make sense for Investment.!!!

You can also read my another blog post about Mahatma Gandhi Stamp - Is it for Investment ?

I know by writing this kind of information I am decreasing my own collection value, but it's OK to let other's new emerging  collectors what is True value of Gandhi  Stamp Collection instead of just using other technique to increase the prices.!!

Another example of same philatelic material sold by 2 different id.  Sellers are "sanu108" and "405940"

Following 3 covers from Suriname, Zambia and Costa Rica were on auction by 2 different sellers.!!!

Also Covers from Zambia and Costa Rica needs more research because CDS is unclear and not sure about postage rates at that time. So stay away from any Gandhi USED covers as it's a big scam going on.!!!

But looking all screen shot it looks like all  3 sellers id's is from same ebay seller.!!

"10saki88" , "sanu108" and  "405940" .!!

And might be more.!! 

I hope you got my point.

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps ?

But now you know my 15 steps to make money on internet.!! and following four blog post will make you expert in making money.!!



Straits Settlements stamps B/172 India stamps - Do you really think it's worth $34,500.!!?

Make sure you read all of the above blog post, so you will get idea about rare collectibles and expensive collectibles.

After reading above blog  post what do you think about this Rare and Expensive collectibles: How you will be CHEATED. ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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