Reference of Mahatma Gandhi 1948 FDC from India with all 4 stamps sold on ebay

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Philatelist around the world consider 1948 10 Rupees Gandhi Stamp from India and FDC as investing item so I decided let's track and keep a good source for all current & new Gandhi Collectors. I am tracking Price, Buyer & Seller, Bidders on item etc of Mahatma Gandhi 1948 FDC with 10 Rupees stamp purchased from ebay/delcampe. It will be fun to see how price goes up and down as see ROI. Also this will serve as future reference for all Gandhi Collectors.

But in short, this all looks INFLATED prices.!! It's just a piece of paper!!

Also chance of FORGERY of 1948 Gandhi FDC is very high because it's very easy to make money by forged rubber stamps.

Read and compare my following blog post about  BOGUS FORGED Gandhi stamps and philatelic cancellation with rubber stamp applied on piece of paper or envelope and trying to MAKE huge money instead of selling just MINT stamps or making BOGUS or Forgery philatelic material, which are sold from $100 -$1000. Also some are selling for more than $15000+!!!

Now look at how this is 1948 Gandh FDC were sold and who were the buyer.!!

Do you think all commission was paid to eBay.? i.e. Buyer paid to seller ? 

Is this valid transaction ?

Date Sold: 3/4/2011 for US $1246.
Seller: "jewels*n*bits" from UK.
Buyer: Unknown (because of private listing.!!)
Comments: WHY Private listing????????? Which means something flaky.!!

Date Sold: 3/9/2011 for US $1836.
Seller: "fredbettin" member since: Oct-21-98 in USA
Buyer: "advaitcorp" member since Sep-04-05 in India.

Date: 3/20/2011 for US $2125
Buyer: Mcphila from Germany
Seller: Keilbaygmbh from Germany

Date: 4/10/2011 for US $1275
Buyer: hitlerandgandhi from India
Seller: bcastleprof1 from UK

Again thanks for reading this blog post and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Read my following blog post and you will also start believing that it's Dying if you still believe it's Paying hobby.!!

Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

I Don't think so.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club

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