Sri Lanka Gandhi Stamp : Don't know what's going on with Srilanka Gandhi stamp.

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

In 1988 Srilanka issued Mahatma Gandhi stamp.

Mahatma Gandhi travelled from India to Ceylon arriving in Colombo, the capital city on November 12, 1927 and stayed there for 3 weeks . He accompanied by his wife Kasturba, C. Rajagopalachari(who was using 10 Rupees Gandhi Service stamp as first Governor General of India in 1948) and Lakshmi Rajagopalachari(daughter-in-law of Gandhiji)in Ceylon. His visit caused great excitement. The people of Ceylon were calling for greater independence from the British who had ruled the country since 1815 having taken over the island from the Dutch.

Now let's see what's going with Srilanka Gandhi stamp. Even though it is issued in 1988 it is not available easily. My guess it is hidden in someone's closet.!!

Recently on ebay there were 2 auction of Srilanka Gandhi stamp. One is single MNH sold for $41 and other with MNH block of 2 sold for $22(11$ per stamp. Even though Srilanka Gandhi stamp is 0.75 rupees it is appreciating lot in 25 years.!!

Can't believe what happen. Is it real that price decline by 400% in just 10 days or something else!! Following are screenshot can you look at it.

Seller:- stampgal-sfb from USA
Buyer:- shukla_nawab from India
# of bids: 14
Date Sold:- 03/29/2011
Sold for:- $41

Seller:- abikutti123(2412) from India
Buyer:- UNKNOWN (because of Private listing) (why private listing???)
# of bid:- 3
Date Sold:- 04/09/2011
Sold for:- $21.50

Looks like it is very hard to find a right price for Gandhi stamps as it varies who is selling it.

Buyers need to be aware that they don't need to pay high price for artifically inflated price for common stamps or FDC.

Think twice before jumping in Gandhi Philatelic and if you are already in(like me) then think twice before you bid.!!!

Again thanks for reading this blog post and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Update : - On December 2011 it was sold for 3 Euros ($4).!!

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