Error Stamps collection - CDS stamps on USA 4 cents Gandhi stamp from US Army -Air Force Postal Service

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

I think following is very rare amazing cover. Look at it and you decide.

I think it's amazing, not because error made by postal service employee but look at the coincidence with error in year as you can see 1961 correctly if you reverese this cover as "9" & "6" also blend with each other or you can see "1" in 1961 is stamped incorrectly for both "1".!!

I think it is "1" which is stamped incorrectly.

Also I saw one more cover with similar CDS error without Gandhi stamp. (But lost in transit to India).

This is most common if buyers are from India. 

What are chances if buyer received it and complain to eBay or seller that it has not received it.?

We all know what are ERROR stamps in Gandhi stamps collection. I am comparing following error stamps from India Leopard CAT stamps with Gandhi error stamp!!

Do you really think this GENUINE error stamps.!! or forged by exposing partly to chemical such as bleach or sunlight ?

Compare above cat stamp with following Gandhi stamps and you decide what is it?

Read my previous blog post more about how to make ERROR stamps.!!


YES, How to make it yourself.!!

I mean it to make ERROR stamps.!!

Don't you think it's tempting to forged stamps to make more money.!! Because if without error then it will be sell under $1, but error than it will sell for $7.!!

Also consider that how can this possible with lot of  quality control while printing and after printing.!!

This is very common practice to make forged stamps as you will find large quantity as well as different stamps using chemical or exposure to sunlight.!!

Read more about it by clicking following link.



Don't you see SIMILARITY between Gandhi Stamps from India and Leopard CAT stamps.!!!

So beware what you are collecting otherwise your collection might be ERROR.!!

Gandhi stamps club.

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