How to protect yourself while buying Mahatma Gandhi stamps or any stamps.

Hello Gandhi collectors,

One of the famous quotes of Mahatma Gandhi is

"The World is big enough for everyone’s needs – but it is too small for the GREED of one man!"
I am writing this for new Gandhi stamps collector so they know how is Gandhi's Philatelic world.

In past I bought some stamps from countries such as China, Isarel and I think I was cheated by them by paying very high price for some Gandhi stamps. At that time I was very new so I was not aware of what's going in Gandhi Philatelic world. But I learned from my mistake and I want to protect others so I am writing about this kind of activity.

Recently I saw Trinidad & Tobaga 1969 set of Gandhi stamp selling from South Korea. It was sold for $12 + shipping.

I am surpised by the price it sold because this is very common stamp and it is easily available in market on ebay india or delcampe.

It is easy to fool buyer that you are from other countries by just changing the address after opening a account( I did that to make sure!!) or when you travel you can open it from airport.!!

So never think seller is from China or Isarel or Japan or Korea or Australia or Newzealand or even USA.!!

Also there will be very less collector or dealer in China or Korea who has Mahatma Gandhi material so either they are supporting their friends or relatives from other part of world by shipping items for them.

Also this seller will take longer to ship as they have to send it to friend from that country or they ship will ship from their own countries.!!

Now let's see following sale of Gandhi stamps from Trinidad & Tobaga.

Seller:-nohjc2005 May-10-09 in Korea, South
Buyer:- sunilramesh Dec-20-05 in United States
Sold Price:- $12
Date Sold:- 4/13/2011

After researching more about this buyer he/she looks Indian(because of id name). I am not sure why this buyer did not look at India's ebay site. It is selling for around $4-5 or $2 on delcampe. So I am more surprised.!!

Another example is same buyer buying Gandhi Yemen stamp for $8. He/She was very eager to buy this stamp as he bidded 2 more bids even after he was leading in auction. Not sure what he was trying to do but my guess he is he really wants to pay more and make seller rich.!!! or wants other buyer to pay more.

Now let's see following sale of Gandhi stamps from Yemen. (Buyer & seller are same!!)

Seller:-nohjc2005 May-10-09 in Korea, South
Buyer:- sunilramesh Dec-20-05 in United States
Sold Price:- $8 ( winner put 2 more bids as so desperate to buy it.!!)
Date Sold:- 4/16/2011

I don't want new Gandhi collectors to go through this and want to quit collecting Gandhi Philatelic materials as it will be expensive in initial stage.

I think best think to avoid this kind of situation is try to buy it with FIXED Price item if the price is reasonable between 1-3 US dollars for any Gandhi stamps except 10Rupees Gandhi stamp from India issued in 1948 or Panama Gandhi stamp (30-50$).

Some Gandhi stamps with overprint(10-20$) are selling little bit higher but this is useless to make money by some particular dealer with multiple famous people on it and moon landing overprint. I have that stamps but I regert buying it.!!

My 2+ years experience tells that you can find Gandhi stamp between 1-3 dollars so don't pay more.

Before you bid research for price and don't just jump in. You will get another chance in future to buy it. As per Gandhiji "The World is big enough for everyone’s needs – but it is too small for the GREED of one man!"

So when the price is high (expensive) it needs to be make sure that you are not getting any facsimile, fake cancellation or getting ripped off by shill bidding  same way it's happening in Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material.

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So this is the 3rd case were we can see lot of similarity between Gandhi Philately and other British India stamps and philately specially in First Aerial Post !!

Gandhi STamps Club.

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