Stamp Collection Value is in DECLINE

Stamp collection value is in decline whether it's Gandhi stamps or Chinese stamps as no one is interested in collecting stamps.

All you read about Indian or Chinese rich people are investing in stamp is nothing but lie to glorify stamp collection so all dealers and auction guys can make money.

Main reason for stamp collection value decline is
  • FAKE and Forgeries stamp are available in plenty.
  • BOGUS philatelic material such as FDC, used cover, register cover and special cancellation cover are available in large quantity.
  • SHILL bidding (seller use his/her other id or take help from relatives and friends)
  • FAKE bidding were buyer don't pay to seller after increasing price.

Also there are lot of other things to do now than 20+ years ago such as
  • Surfing on internet
  • Social Networking such as Facebook, twitter etc.
  • Playing games on internet
  • Playing games on phone, tablets, computers etc.
  • Also people do lot of outdoor activities such as sports or travel so there is no enough time to collect stamps as well as other collectibles like coins, match boxes etc.
  • Watching different TV shows, movies and sports games.
Don't you think all of the above are more important to current generation in their life than to collect someone licked stamps which don't teach any thing important for current trends.!

Recently Gandhi stamps including 1948 Gandhi stamp, 1995 se-tenant  minature sheet  with other 5 stamps were sold for only $3.!!

Also  this are mint never hinged stamps.!!

Can you believe that.

 In past I wrote blog post about

So what do you think about stamp collection?

Is it in decline or going up?

I think it's going down or it can be said that it's DEAD.!!

But you will see different on eBay because of all kind of fraudulent activities like following were price is very high.!!

We had seen this in  Gandhi stamp collection, were everyone think they are smarter than other.!!! Do you think this apply to other BRITISH INDIA stamp also.

Click one of the following link and you will become smarter.!!

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

Gandhi Stamps Club

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