India stamp - It's all FALSE advice for stamp as INVESTMENT.

We know forgery stamps are only available for 1948 10 Rupees India Gandhi stamp because no one (except king of England or some industrialist) had that much money to keep stamp in mint condition.

But you will read lot about stamp as investment or you will get advice to invest in stamps.

But to me it's nothing but false hope of glory which they are trying to sell all that forgery items.

Now following are two India 1948  Gandhi stamp valued 10 Rupees in 1948.

One is genuine and other is forgery stamp as per seller.!!

Let me repeat. !! 

One is genuine and other is forgery stamp as per seller.

By looking can you find out which one is genuine and which one is forgery.!!

One cost $6 and other cost $1400.!! 

So you might think $1400 is genuine.!!

I am not certifying that $1400 stamp is forgery, but my personal opinion (freedom of speech) both are forgery.!! 

Never try to buy any thing related to 1948 Gandhi stamps otherwise you will regret whole your life whether it's 10 Rupees stamp or 1.5 anna stamp.!!

Everything is BOGUS or Forgery so BEWARE yourself and keep your investment in other things except stamps or coins.!!

What you see all that selling price on eBay about Gandhi stamps is artificially inflated by SHILL bidding or FAKE bidding (buyer don't pay to seller).

You can see 16 eBay id is watching India 1948 Gandhi 10R marginal sheet number is nothing but BOGUS id, so you can feel that there is lot of interest.!!!

So what is your opinion about this India 1948 Gandhi stamp?

Genuine or FORGERY.

Also DON'T trust all that philatelic material such as HANDBOOKS or online exhibit or award winning stamp exhibit about Gandhi stamps.

All the philatelic material are to not promote Mahatma Gandhi message but to promote their own BOGUS and FORGERY. So beware what are you reading it. It's nothing but a big SCAM.

Also don't take advice of any stamp collector or even financial analyst for INVESTMENT because they are they one who wants to make money and will give you FALSE advice to buy this FORGERY and BOGUS stamps.!!



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