AMAZING PRICE OF STAMP COLLECTION - S. Tome stamp of Peace, Red Cross stamp, UNO stamp,Nobel stamp, M. Ghandi, M.L.King stamp

Can some one justify me price of 1986 Sao Tome and Principe stamp. It was sold for $272.!! 

Don't you like this kind of price for your stamp collection also.!!

This S. Tome stamp of  Peace, Red Cross, UNO , Nobel, M. Ghandi, M.L.King is nothing but false hope of riches stamp collection.

According to me it's worthless for stamp collection because it does not make sense.!! ( Disclosure : I have this in my collection bought it under $5.!!)

But will not buy it now after learning stamp collection.!!

The price of this stamp collection is $272 was sold by "mkazmar" of Poland.!!

eBay will get commission of $27 on this transaction + PayPal fees so looks good for eBay shareholders.

Don't you think so.

(Disclosure : I am eBay shareholder in my personal as well as retirement account).

I will not able to know whether commission was paid or not because it's impossible for others to know except buyer, seller and eBay.!!

So I cannot say that this is false transaction and chances of eBay shareholders getting is high if it is paid.!

So what are chances of seller not paying to buyer so eBay will not get commission from this sell ?

Even though this transaction used eBay infrastructure.?

Reason for this stamp has no value because it's not a unique or rare stamp, but it's nothing but piece of paper make specially to make money.

Stamp from this kind of small countries have no idea that even this stamp exist because dealers print it and sell to some small time collectors and they try to increase price by  SHILL bidding or FAKE bidding (buyer don't pay seller) in order to  justify importance of this stamp.

Same stamp was sold for $70!! 

SO what is going on ? 

Are stamp buyer idiots!! ?

Or stamp seller smarter?

Following are such stamp which you or new collector will see price of more than $200 after 30+ years which has no value.

So don't think what you see on eBay is real.!!

Also think about what you are collecting.!!


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