Gandhi SERVICE stamp - Australian bought it ?

As you know my personal opinion about Gandhi SERVICE stamp is FAKE.

As published by several online stamp exhibition, Gandhi Handbook and other blogs, news article and even expert certification from BPA or RPS or someone else about this Gandhi SERVICE stamp I still consider this is a FAKE invention or creation.

Rajagopalachari then served as Governor-General of India from June 1948 until 26 January 1950 and very  led a very simple life in the viceregal palace, washing his own clothes and polishing his own shoes.

Do you think this kind of person will ever involved in following kind of act.?

My personal opinion why Gandhi SERVICE stamp is based on number of following assumption.

  • Governer General Raja Gopalachari will never approve this kind of stamps.
  • Even if he approved it he will not give it FREE or donate it to anyone.
  • Even if he approved he will never print in small quantity.
  • He will never write OHMS on his envelope.
  • No information about this stamp was available when he was alive.
  • Famous Indian stamp collector/philatelist Jal Cooper was selling this stamp even though it was specially made for government use.!! 
  • It never displayed or written anywhere in 1948 or 1949 or 1950.!! (Even if it is written it might never came out.!!)
  • He was a writer and never wrote in any of his book about this Gandhi SERVICE stamp.
So what do you think about my assumption ?

Does it make sense with my personal opinion. ?

So why in the hell Australian investor wants to remain in Mystery after spending $850,000.!!

So I am curious whether this transaction really happened or just publicity? We will not figured out unless someone comes up openly about buyer and seller like Bill Gross did for his famous 2 millon dollar purchase.!!

But it will be impossible.!!

But this is great news for Austrailian government as they will be benefit from this by getting GST on Gandhi SERVICE stamp.

US Bond trader Bill Gross spend 2 million on one of the rear stamp and donate it to National Philatelic Museum in Washington.


So why Australian investor of Gandhi SERVICE stamp wants to remain MYSTERY ?

You can read more about above image by clicking following link.


Do you think you will pay $850,000 if you win lotto or if you are some idiot who got fortune as inheritance ?

Do you think someone will give idea about Alternative Investment to some unknown Chinese millionare or some UAE royal family by giving this kind of examples.

Do you think it's a game ?

Click one of the following link and you will become smarter.!!

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

What do you think about my personal opinion ? ( You don't have to believe it and spend your money on whatever feels good to you.)


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