FAKE or Forgery Gandhi stamps - Bombay Stock Exchange.

Recently I saw 1948 Gandhi stamp FDC send locally in Bombay sold for $543 by ebay seller "the.postal.history.paradise" from Romania.

1948 Gandhi stamps where issued on 15th August 1948 which was Sunday.!!

But this Gandhi FDC has CDS from Bombay Stock Exchange on Sunday. 

So what do you think. It's FAKE or FORGERY ?

FAKE - never exist
FORGERY - duplicate of existing material.

To me it looks like FAKE because stock market don't open on Sunday and specially if there is any post office it will not open on Sunday.

Any 1948 Gandhi stamps philatelic material with CDS other than special cancellation from Bombay, Calucutta, Madras and Delhi are FAKE.

But there are lot of Forgeries with special cancellation from Bombay, Calcutta, Madras and Delhi so Beware what you . are collecting.


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