Forgery philatelic material - Making money on eBay.

Forgery philatelic material is very easy to make. 

Make a rubber stamp and apply it on any old cover/envelope or postcard or folder etc and Unique, Rare philatelic material is ready.

Recently India 1948 Gandhi stamps folder with special cancellation (rubber stamp) was sold for 15000 rupees.

Even seller mentioned it may be forged cancellation !!

Not sure about Forgery stamps was on the folder but most likely it will be forged stamps as large quantity of forgery stamps of 1948 Gandhi stamps available from India.

It will be very hard to some buy stamps valued Rupees 10 in 1948.

Because Rupees 10 was too much at that time. 10gm Gold was selling for Rupees 80 in 1948.

So do you think someone will invest in piece of paper during that time. 

Even though it was mentioned as "May be forged cancellation" someone bought it for 15000 rupees.!!

If you count all the expense then seller got good money out of it.

You need to reduce expense like

  • GST is mandatory on ebay selling and buying.
  • ebay commission
  • Paypal fees
  • Indian Capital Gain Tax or income tax
  • State tax 
  • Shipping and handing 
So don't you think seller made money on this forgery philatelic material.!!


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