Jal Cooper Gandhi FDC - Gandhi Handbook

In Nov 2017 Gandhi FDC send to Jal Cooper was sold for $1600 ($2100 AU) by Australia eBay seller "8479smacma".

This transaction will get lot of money for

1) Australia government from GST rule eBay seller will be charged 10% of selling price.
2) eBay will get around 10% commission on this transaction
3) PayPal will get 2-3% of commission on this transaction.

On top of that Australia government will get Income Tax or Capital Gain Tax on this Gandhi FDC send to Jal Cooper.

We all know Jal Cooper was stamp collector, dealer,  philatelist and expert, same way like me and you.

But we know what stamp collector do.! create forgeries and fake in order to make money.!!

Lot of Jal Cooper material came after his death and it contains lot of Gandhi Philatelic material including Gandhi SERVICE stamps.!!

You can read my blog about Jal Cooper and you decide what's going in Gandhi Philatelic material. Whether you can trust Jal Cooper or not.!!

Jal Cooper selling stamps.

Also lot of material of Jal Cooper is included in Gandhi Handbook  for stamps and Philately  which was published after his death.

We all know how much fake, forgery and incorrect information is information is included in Gandhi Handbook.

Gandhi Handbook of Stamps and Philately

We know all about Special Cancellation issued in 1948. Most of them  are FAKED. Even Bombay special cancellation has multiple forgery

So beware what are you buying it.

So what do you think about Jal Cooper and Gandhi FDC ?


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