99% of GANDHI philatelic material on postcard or anything using Gandhi stamps are FAKE.

 In Nov 2017 ebay seller "mystampezone"  from SanRamon CA sold Gandhi FDC  for $1580.

It's lot of money if you compare it.

But what are chance of FAKE ?

This has rubber stamp (very easy to make) used to  cancelled  the stamps with a circular cancel reading "N. Delhi P.O. Comm Issue - India", with "15 Aug. 1948" horizontally within the circle.

There is another rubber stamp (cachet cancel) stating "Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Day 1948".

Don't you think it's easy to make and apply on stamp with any old postcard available ?

It's your money so be careful when you try to buy GANDHI stamps.

99% of GANDHI philatelic material is FAKE.

Do you think this was really sold for $1580 ?

Do you think California State got tax from this sale ?

Do you think USA government got Capital Gain Tax on this transaction.?

Do you think even eBay got commission from this transaction ?

Chances are no as this might be not a real transaction as it was artifically increased price by SHILL bidding and seller has to cancel this transaction to avoid paying to eBay.



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