Making money on eBay - Selling and Buying stamps on eBay.

To make money on eBay is very easy if you look following piece of paper was sold for $565.!! by eBay seller "olefredrik1943" from Norway.

If you live in 3rd world countries this item will make you earn for whole year or even two years.!!

Now let's see how easy it is to make money on eBay.

  • Make one postal rubber stamp of GENOVA similar to CDS (cancellation date stamp) from post office.
  • Make some other rubber stamp like "PROFUMO ORCHIDEA BIANCA"
  • Buy one old cover from eBay
  • Buy some old stamps from eBay

That's it.

Put all things together and start selling on eBay. And hope someone will buy it.

Or you can go to stamp show and look for OLD covers with some kind of stamp or without stamp with CDS on it and affix some famous stamps like GANDHI and put your rubber stamp.

Not sure whether following is Genuine cover or just made it like above. It's up to buyer to decide. It will be very hard for someone to go back 70+ years and think what happen and why it went to Italy.

But it was sold for $565 so someone is thinking it's Genuine, unique cover.!!

I am not here to certified that this is genuine or fake.

So don't you think you can make one like this from any country in the world.!! There are 200+ countries some don't even exist so make one of that.!!

If you do this it will not sell.!!

You need to make this cover famous.!!

Yes famous by exhibiting in stamp show as unique rare cover, one of a kind cover.

You need to make friends with Philatelic judges so you will win medal.

You can donate of the cover to Philatelic museum to make it more famous.

You provide this info to STAMP HANDBOOK author so people will start believing in it.

You have to do online stamp exhibition or write a blog so more people will see it.

Now put it on eBay for sale.

Still you have to work.!!
  • You have to do SHILL bidding. (to increase price and to make it looks like demand for this).
  • Your collector friends have to do FAKE bidding. (i scratch your back your scratch mine).
  • You have to pray god so someone will overbid all of the shill bidders and fake bidders and if you not you have to relist again.

So don't you think it's easy to make money.

It will make more sense to do this than work whole year if you are poor and live in India or Africa or other Asian countries.!!

So why wait and start thinking about it.

Some eBay sellers from India and UK are making living by doing this.!!!

They make covers with Gandhi stamps or British India stamps and make living. Some of the example will be 1969 Mauritius Gandhi stamps.! Ofcourse 1948 Gandhi stamps also as it will make them more money.!!

Some collectors/sellers from USA are helping them.!!

So BEWARE about this stamp collection world.!!

It's nasty.!


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