SCINDE DAWK - Alternative investment in stamps collection.

Scinde Dawk stamp issued in 1852 sold for $6210 by eBay seller "pristinephilatelics" from Sunnyvale, California.

After looking this transaction some question come up in my mind.

  • Is this genuine stamp ? (170 year old stamp with some regular eBay seller).
  • Is Expert Certificate has any value ? (Any one can become expert and gave their opinion).
  • Is eBay shareholders are benefit from this kind of transaction by getting commission on this transaction ? (it will be about $400 -$600).
  • Is California State Tax is paid on this transaction ?
  • Is US Treasury (Federal Tax) is getting any money from this transaction as Capital Gain Tax ?

So what do you think ?

Is it genuine transaction on eBay by seller full fill all his obligation ?

My EXPERT Certification for this transaction is  SUSPICIOUS. ( You don't have to believe in me.!!) It's my opinion and anyone can give their opinion like EXPERT do.!!

  • Only eBay will know whether this was genuine transaction if they get paid or not. Buyer just bid and don't pay to seller and seller file claim for non payment and have not to paid any commission. And we all think it was really sold for $6200. 
  • Expert Certificate can be given by anyone.!! ( I can print one and give it to you!!). As it don't requirement to pass any government exam or there is no license # from government. Read more here about Expertising.  http://uspaexpertising.blogspot.com/ 
  • Scinde Dawk stamp might not exist at all. It might be FAKE created by some one and by marketing through handbook, stamp exhibition, fake auction etc as we don't know what actually happen 170 years ago.!! 

Did US government got any capital gain tax or Federal tax or California government got any state tax ?

Did eBAY shareholder benefit from this transaction by getting commission?

To me by showing this kind of value this is a SCAM to divert rich people from Middle East, China and other rich countries as ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT.!!

But they don't know what they are getting.!!

A piece of paper.!!

It's your money so spend it wisely. Don't think STAMPS collection or Philatelic collection as Alternate Investment.

There are lot investment banker who will get you in STAMPS collection or Philatelic collection as Alternate Investment because they get lot of commission.!!

BEWARE when you even think about STAMPS COLLECTION.


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