Alternative Asset Investment Portfolio - Scinde Dawk stamp RPSL - Alternative investment in stamps.

Recently I read article about Alternative investment and I am surprised that author is writing truth about stamp collection.

You don't see truth in stamp collection whether it's a stamp or first day cover or philatelic cover. Everything is FAKE including reporting about stamps.

Some times author (newspaper) don't know anything about stamps and he/she will write whatever stamp collector(cheater) will tell story about stamp.

Some time author will write what he read about stamp without actually thinking whether it's make sense.  Not sure why they even write about stamp collection (as no one collects stamps or even interested in stamps)

Here Patrick is writng about Alternative investment in stamps which are not even selling for 6 pounds where as catalog value is 175 pounds.

So even CATALOG for stamps are useless.!! If they write lower or less value no one is going to buy there catalog.!! Not sure why they are still printing it.!!


Recently I saw Scinde Dawk stamp is for sale on by eBay seller "stampscurrency"  from Pleasanton California.!!

Looks like California is the seller market for Indian stamps specially Gandhi stamps, Scinde Dawk stamps and other Indian stamps.!!

It is for sale for $7500 or Make Offer.!!

As my previous blog spot I wrote my opinion that this stamp might not exist.!! (you don't have to believe my opinion.!!).

But yes there is a RPSL certificate.!! (Do this Expert Certificate has value.!!, They are like me and you.!!)

Even they have to change name from Royal Philatelic Society limited to RPSL.

To me it likes UK Royal also don't want to associate there name with them.!!

Now Scinde Dawk with $7500 value RPSL certificate has only one signature where as 75$ value India stamp has 5 signatures.

Don't you think older stamps (170 years) needs more expert signatures.!!

So according to me there is no value in stamps as Alternative Investment.!!

It is all marketing effort by stamp creator who will be also stamp exhibitor and who also will be author in newsletter or blog or stamp forum and work with portfolio manager to sell his creation.!!!

So Beware.!!

Recently I read American Football player lost 9 million dollar in Alternate investment.!! 

He did not invest in stamps.!!

He invested in Jewelry which has some value.!! (it's GOLD not piece of paper.!!)

So BEWARE when you invest in Piece of Paper.!!


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