Scinde Dawk 1852 stamp

Scinde Dawk was sold for $1700!! This is known as first stamp of ASIA.!!

And again it's from California by eBay seller "dm_stamps" from Sunnyvale.!!

Great for California state as they are getting lot of money as sales tax/State tax.!!Also great for IRS as they will get lot of money from Fedral Tax/Capital Gain Tax.

Also great for eBay shareholder as they are getting commission on this sale.!! ($170).

I am wondering even after 170+ years this things are available in very good condition.

Looking to Scinde Dawk quantity it looks like some one has Embosse stamp with them.!! (Just emboss it on any old paper and make money.!!

If you do Paper Forensics you will find out reality of this stamp.!!

Do you really think this all things are true.!!

What does this "true" mean?

You are going to pay money for this kind of stamps so you decide.!!


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