India 1911 World First Aerial Post Air Mail Allahabad - Naini

 Recently I saw India 1911 World First Aerial Post Air Mail Allahabad - Naini on piece of paper sold for $135 by eBay seller "postbag"

But if you read my previous blog post you will know that I don't think there was anything like India 1911 World First Aerial Post Air Mail Allahabad - Naini.

My personal opinion about this cancellation is BOGUS.

It never exist but created by some over smart person to just make money.

This is not new in special cancellation.

I proved that in 2009 when some famous stamp collector from Winnenden (or near by town) Germany created BOGUS special cancellation with Gandhi and Emblem of India.

Following is the rubber stamp which was selling as Special cancellation from Germany.!!

With my personal research from local stamp club & Winnenden residence this was creation of local Indian origin - Gandhi stamp collector.!!!

I was even barred from writing more about this on my other philately blogspot!!

So you know what this means.!! Everyone is involved in some or other BOGUS material whether it is First Aerial Mail from Allahabad or Nepal Indian Embassy cancellation on 1948 Gandhi stamps or all 1948 Gandhi FDC from various cities or Scinde Dawk or Gandhi SERVICE stamp.!!

It's not collection but a very BIG SCAM.!!!

Don't you think it's easy to make money by just creating rubber stamp.!!

$135 is lot of money for any Indian people even after if you take out

  • India GST
  • eBay Commission
  • India state and Income tax.

So what do you think?

I hope this will give you some idea about SPECIAL CANCELLATION.!!

It's nothing to make money and that also lot of it.!!!

It's your money so you don't have to decide on my personal opinion.!!

This is just a tip.


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