Queen Victoria stamp - David Brandon Expert Certificate - UK capital gain tax on stamp collection.

Recently I saw 1895 Indian stamp of Queen Victoria stamp  with overprint British East Africa - 1895-96 O/P Type 9 on QV 3r (rupees) stamp sold for $3048.!!

We know how easy is to make overprint stamp and claim it is unique and rare.

We know forgery and BOGUS (never exist) stamp are made with overprint and try to cheat seller.

Click following is BOGUS stamp which was sold for $225000.with expert certificate.!!  (It's a common practice in stamp collection.!!)

But this  Indian stamp of Queen Victoria stamp with overprint British East Africa - 1895-96 O/P Type 9 on QV 3r (rupees) stamp sold for $3048 by seller "stampedia" from UK.

It's good for UK government as they will get CAPITAL GAIN TAX from this stamp. (20-30%)

Also UK government will get VAT from this  Queen Victoria stamp with overprint British East Africa - 1895-96. (15-20%)

Also new eBay stock investor will see this as potential oppurntuity to buy eBay stock/shares, because eBay will get 10% from this transaction.!!

Also PayPal will get 2-3% if it was used to complete transaction.!!

So lot of money is flowing from this one stamp to all of them including seller who will get 50% after all the commission to eBay, Capital GAIN tax and VAT.

you decide whether this is genuine or forgery or bogus by
looking margin on sides, type of overprint etc.

Do you think all of them (UK treasury, UK VAT dept, eBay) got money from this sale of QV stamp ?


Buyer did not paid and seller cancel transaction.?

So we are not sure.

But you and me are thinking QV stamp sold for $3000.!!

You and me are thinking QV stamp with overprint British East Africa is rare stamp.!!

Ebay shareholders are thinking their stock is good investment because it's getting lot of money from this kind of transaction.!!

Some rich people will be motivated by stamp dealer to invest in stamps by showing this.!!

Some blog writer, newspaper will make it more famous after looking this QV stamps sold for $3000.!!

Also seller has to pay for this David Brandon Expert Certificate so seller can make sure to buyer it's Genuine.

Seller can avoid paying to David Brandon Expert Committe by creating new expert committe of his own.!!

Yes any one can give expert certificate. No formal education or degree needed to give Expert Certificate. Also there is no university who give education for Expertising stamp.!!

Also you need to make sure that there are lot of forgery expert certificate or BOGUS expert certificate is available in market.

To know more about this kind of activity read my following blog post and think what are the possibilities in cheating, glorification, SHILL bidding, FAKE, Forgery etc.

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So you can save some money and don't look fool or idiot.!!




I hope all the above will help while making decision in investing stamps and to avoid getting CHEATED.!!

Now don't you think it does NOT make sense STAMP INVESTING!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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