B.P.A Expertising Certificate - INDIA 1992 BIRDS of PREY, " ERROR OF CENTURY " BPA CERT FORGERY or Genuine ?

You all know from my previous blog post that all this Expertising certificate has no value because they don't take any responsibility.!!

They don't take any liability if their opinion is wrong.!!

They only give opinion like me.!! ( After comparining with other India Birds of Prey stamp to me it looks like forgery.!! I have added past auction so you can compare yourself !)

So what all this means. ?

That if you buy forgery item with expert certificate you don't get any money back.!!

Recently I saw B.P.A Expertising Certificate of  India 1992 Birds of Prey stamp, " ERROR OF CENTURY " selling for $15000.!!

In past I saw this kind of forgery of    INDIA 1992 BIRDS of PREY, " ERROR OF CENTURY " selling for $1!!

But without B.P.A Expertising Certificate

This B.P.A Expertising Certificate don't have any contact information such as office address, phone #, registration # with country etc..!!

Also no logo on this B.P.A Expertising Certificate.

So how can you believe this kind of B.P.A Expertising Certificate is genuine.

If you compare you will think it's forgery stamp.

Even forgery of expertising certificate are done.


Even you can create your own. ( no formal education needed to be expert.!! anyone can be Expertiser). Like me.


So now how can you believe this B.P.A Expertising Certificate -  INDIA 1992 BIRDS of PREY, " ERROR OF CENTURY " is genuine.

It's selling from $15000 by ebay seller "alman999" from Taiwan.!!

How this stamp reach to Taiwan ? . Don't you think it should be from India.!!

Do you think it's stolen from India Post & Telegraph printing press of it's FORGERY ?

Do you really think it's selling from Taiwan or someone open account with FAKE country location.!!

Following are other auction in past of India error stamp 1992 Birds of Prey from "posthedge" , "vivistamp2009", "kemiflygirl113", "alman999".

Do you think all of them paid Capital Gain Tax, USA Federal Income Tax (Taiwan) , State Tax (California and Illinois), Local Sales Tax etc on following sale ?

Or it's a FAKE transaction ?

So what do you think about this B.P.A Expertising Certificate -  INDIA 1992 BIRDS of PREY, " ERROR OF CENTURY " BPA CERT. ?


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